Poem: “Write a Poem With No Metaphor” by Ginna Funk Wallace

A poet uses metaphors when she’s afraid of direct honesty. Do not misunderstand me, a poet never fears the facts, it’s just sometimes she’s been forced into such small spaces while the rest of the world sprawls out around
her that she’ll tiptoe through riddles rather
than stride straightforward to the truth. She calls you
a tattoo, something exciting when fresh and new but
also something that fades, something that needs touching up. She calls you a puppy, adorable and great for cuddles at first, but something that grows into a sleepy old dog, carefully
avoiding any metaphors about training. She talks about daybreaks and opening chords to songs, about
unwrapping gifts on birthdays, talks about birth, then
moves into death, into disappointment, fade outs
and sunsets and even now I am using the third person to
talk about myself because I cannot say directly without first writing a whole poem in metaphor how terrified I am not only that this love
could die but that perhaps its song has already reached the final bars, and I’m still standing here
singing but the crowd has all gone home.

2 thoughts on “Poem: “Write a Poem With No Metaphor” by Ginna Funk Wallace

  1. "Why do you talk this way" he asks, irritated.
    "Because I'm trying not to say what I need to say"

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