Poema de AMOR 💗 Rumi Poemas – Neste Frio ∫ That Cold 💐

A dose of Poetry Present pulsing in the beautiful love poem of Rumi “In Cold” In the cold and rain My beloved is sweeter,
It brings the beauty in the chest and the love in the head. Ah, the beauty in the chest, and how!
Noble, dignified, graceful, Soft as a flower. We visit the beloved home in this cold
He never born of woman someone like him. We kiss her lips in this snow
Sugar and snow refresh the heart. I have no more strength, I lost every control,
They took me away and have brought me back. When the beloved’s face suddenly enters the heart,
The heart moves. And divine is greater! … Continue pulsing, watch other videos, comment, share this beautiful love poem, and register the channel Poetry Present your daily dose of lightness and poetry

1 thought on “Poema de AMOR 💗 Rumi Poemas – Neste Frio ∫ That Cold 💐

  1. Legal o poema, mas acredito que você saiba que Rumi é o poeta do amor divino. Rumi não se refere ao amor de homem e mulher, o poema é sensacional para quem gosta de refletir sobre Deus e todas as coisas, entretanto as imagens não condizem com o poema. Mas apesar disso continua sendo legal o vídeo. As mulheres são muito iludidas kkkk um Homem de verdade jamais elevaria a mulher em um pedestal deste jeito xD

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