Poems from SOCCERVERSE: POEMS ABOUT SOCCER by Elizabeth Steinglass

hi welcome to no water River I'm Renee and today I am really happy to be presenting a writer who is not only a versatile thoughtful poet but also a friend her poetry can be found in many anthologies but today she will be sharing with us a poem from her beautiful debut poetry collection soccer verse poems about soccer so please give a very warm welcome to Elizabeth Stein class hi I'm Elizabeth Stanga and this is my book soccer verse poems about soccer illustrated by Edson ek I'm going to read one of the poems now and it's called uniform day how about red red could have been right red like the eyes of a vampire at night that freeze you in fear before the first bite why oh why couldn't it have been blue blue like a shark that knows what to do when there's blood of the head that smells brand-new even purple might have been okay purple like the bruise I earned that day when the striker struck and I got in the way anything would have been better than green green like a wobbly soggy old bean I don't want to look cooked I want to look mean thanks for listening there are 21 more soccer poems in this book and I want to say thank you to Rene for inviting me to visit no water rivers

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