Poems : Men Don't Cry

oh yeah I am here with another of my poems called men don't cry it's about nearly no masculinity maybe some people call it toxic not it is what it is and it's it's an acrostic so maybe we can you know day to understand I will put more details so the that's how it starts misery of pain egomania prohibits Theory rain nihilism of feelings of shame odious phrases like be a man feelings are for the weak or cry and leave the Klan mod by don't be a or page alarmed by don't throw like a girl resuscitate the Mastana T by portaling of emotions shunning the feminine side and all its inhibitions flirting with pride Irenaeus judgments of situations and universes stride expanding room in ik luma nations like boys don't cry liberating in a sin what if the world comes to know they will laugh at me never letting go of narcissism and omnipotence orchestrating powerful gestures by singing tales of holding peers and symbolic pertinence pleading to God alerting altering humanity a bit or intimidating inferiors by this facade of manhood a feeble rights nurturing and embracing emotions is always always fights you

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