POET and DSM: Producing Advanced Biofuels

what forces will shape the world to come how can technology fuel the future when the economy clings to ideas of the past where is the next advancement in renewable yet accessible energy coming from cellulosic bio ethanol renewable fuel made from agricultural residue is the answer to many of these questions and with the goal of making cellulosic by own all a viable commercial reality to innovative companies have come together to form one visionary partnership introducing poet DSM advanced biofuels poets based in Sioux Falls South Dakota is one of the world's largest ethanol producers with a 25-year history as an American renewable fuel pioneer DSM a global science based company active in health nutrition and materials has a decades-long legacy of driving environmental progress and technological advancement poet DSM advanced biofuels builds on the strengths of both companies to create a joint venture with a critical mission making cellulosic by open all competitive with grain ethanol the most competitive renewable liquid transportation fuel on the market it all starts with project Liberty poets ongoing cellulosic biomass all effort taking place right now in Emmetsburg Iowa poet DSM advanced biofuels aims to extend project Liberty to poets 26 other bio refining plants a move that could produce up to 1 billion gallons of cellulosic biofuel per year the process can also be licensed to other producers in America and throughout the world it's a partnership that will boost renewable fuels to a new level of commercialization poet DSM advanced biofuels to innovative leaders one shared vision

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