Poet And I Didn't Know It (Part 1)

well is there a Pepsi in there huh no cuz that not a pampers gonna bottle right above the coke is it perhaps ooyama night and they brought this for me I'm sure they bought this room now I could suck a dick with these lips on and still not lose a lip and still get him off in ten minutes okay poet and didn't know it the poet didn't know it hello kids it's Eureka here and today I'm coming to you all the way from Paris where the arts are fine and the fine are arts you know what I mean when I was doing RuPaul's Drag Race Season ten I was doing these spoken word projects because I want people to see like who I was deep down inside so instead of letting people know who I really am deep down inside and showing them and the inside of my bottle up oh my god Jimmy Oh Oh Jimmy all still taste good today was that mmm Alok re little chestnut-tree own semen yeah anyway so today I kind of want to make fun of myself because I was in this like sentimental place I was like oh I'm gonna win these people over with all of my like beautiful spoken word poetry about things if you want to check out some of them they're interesting I have one called Amazon that I wrote for my mom that I love those has cancer because that's a really non sensitive subject that people love to relate to and probably aren't gonna feel uncomfortable watching me whine and cry about or they'll love it you know you never know and then I did one about anxiety where I did all these things where I was scratching and clicking and doing all these things that actually causes people to having I was brilliant I have a few that I never really got to that I want to share with you all today now I need you ought to be in a serious state of mind things are about to get really real they're about to get really personal oh my god this already looks stupid oh my god what is this okay listen to this intelligent shit what's a winner is it thinner is it the Leonard tube inner to go start dinner music over here oh okay hold on hold on I don't know what this means or if I'll be happy or if I'll be a queen all I want is to just be seen me this is so fucking good isn't some Bach kind of writing I see my team I see them strong they think that I could do no wrong with this or that or just ping-pong which I must have been on Wednesday oh my god I'll never seen Priscilla Queen of the desert where the Asian lady shoots the ping pongs out of her vagina – is cool watch it I tried it it didn't work have you ever tried I wonder if it's because mine's not self lubricating they wouldn't pop out like that one got a little crushed in there cuz you know I got that vice-grip pussy yeah I wish I was lying you never tried anything I'm sorry that I'm a daredevil am I the one or is it you the only to tell is mama Roo okay I can't laugh I've driver live don't joke about sighs don't joke about food don't joke it all and fear to be crude I'm like reading them like a fucking what's his name again dr. Seuss book don't forget where you set in the seeming world of fat armpits Oh Lucas Oh loca damn blueberry back to this I want to say why I'm the one but girl aquaria already would that is the next line this is dated for what's the day September 12 2018 see me as Talent see me as future see me as a Cu NT trooper okay okay I can't I can't count okay see that the world needs a hug and I'm just the floor underneath the rug I've been that mat where you swept and pat and shoved your dirt underneath the nap I'm I said man I didn't do it alone and I must truly thank all the trolls the last line of this poem is at the end of the day life moves right along and each battle you get a little more strong oh here's one that was real obviously really dramatically filling it's called outcasts what the fuck is an outcast is it your social singing dying fast is it maturity and its finest or the separation of each line assists what the fuck does that mean when people sit and talk about the things that make no sense my eyes roll and cross and suspense will you talk about adulthood or any time or just discuss that rap words rhyme haha funny outcast rappers rhyme yeah I can't even read it so bad I don't even know what I was going through when I wrote these I'm ready for a home for children that roam discussing politics life and all the strife the dumb shit you care about me because we want to blow my fucking this is a lot shut your fucking mouth that go to the devil's south no one cares about your followers or the drama of the bar what mom don't bother me while I'm cleaning my room anyway this one's ridiculous I was gonna move to the end oh this is stupid bitch this is Herbert poet didn't know it when I find someone that gets up when I find someone that gets my spirit then the light rings through clouds like Celine Dion lyrics ah this is dumb fuck I'm screaming because I'm dreaming of a world without your pre-screening so today's installment was a little bit of fun but now I think I've started to be done I wanted you all to get a little piece of my poetry all because I like to eat chicken and poultry I'm not really good at the wrappings and the rhymes but I know that I'm having a really good time so make sure that you all like and subscribe and come on I'll show you my tits it's a bribe I was a poet and didn't know it

20 thoughts on “Poet And I Didn't Know It (Part 1)

  1. Girl you are my hero. I love how you tell all, even the dumb and the dark shit. ❤️

  2. You’re so beautiful, funny and talented. I love you Miss Eureka❤️

  3. Eureka is just so gorgeous in drag, and so friggin' handsome out of drag…ugh…date me hahaha

  4. Please say hi to Nick Gurr it’s his birthday and you’re his favorite queen.

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