Poet and Painter • Episode • The Smurfs

or such as we what what you Smurfs oh sorry heavy but that inspires me Oh hmm fantastique work about oh you you can't do it to ruin the masterpiece uh what's a few L you don't smirk your masterpiece someplace else painter this is your fault he is my but then I will stay here no more a paintbrush is a smelly thing it always laughs at the work part I can't work when I'm inspired Papa Smurf how can I write my poetry when all these Smurfs keep yelling at me and how can i pad see masterpieces well there is a time and Smurf for everything my little Smurfs I know do your work this morning and this afternoon we'll have an art fair to display your paintings and poems Thank You Papa Smurf mercy for the smear an apple is a smurfy thing Oh try and read unless it falls upon your head of course it must not be forgotten is when it's gotten right an apple is a smurfy thing to set before a king and that is why I say to you when you eat a squishy worm how it makes your stomach squirm well I can see I'm not appreciate hmm very interesting not very smurfy to me what is it well I don't know oh that's nice fainting who is she who is she why she's you Smurfette oh no no that's not superflat she doesn't smile our fire I ate smiles like that well then don't look at it like that Cheers what's the fuel well bunny how do you like C masterpiece hmm the blue pants are definitely wrong Papa Smurf says Smurfs never Smurf blue pants and when Papa Smurf says blue pants I'll show you I think I've been framed I ate Modern Art nobody understands us poet we Oh he is right I wish we could not away let's a swan yeah think of the freedom he has swimming through eastern lands with no Smurfs to bother him Peter that's it we'll run away to a distant land ah we well we can create semester pieces and zipper mz1 problem how will we get there we can take one of the boats ha ha I will get my things and I'll compose a note for Papa Smurf I'll come it hair well Smurfs how smurfy river flow and we don't even have to roll watch while you're steering Peter who cares about the studio I'm plantings in muster fees you'll steer me I'm composing ode to a river well I'm painting the river and the picture is worth this thousand word yeah well I can describe your picture NZ one word ah you are fit again oh yeah wait says you you have no visual sense and you are a complete pretend oh hi aching oh there must be a storm brewing can be found this note from poet painter Papa Smurf Smurf is me they're headed for storm Island and with a storm coming they may never get there come on Smurfette we've gotta stop them hey you're employed runaway and are in grave danger I need volunteers to rescue them all go I like poet and painter even if they are a little strange me too uh we'll come too right Freddy huh huh oh where are we going brainy well I'll certainly go this village needs more works of art besides just me I hate going gold now there's no time to waste get smurfy after my little Smurfs faster we find them before that storm hits how good to be on the briny surf away from forests and stinking Smurfs I hope I catch a big fish for it will make at least it is here we are eager a great Smurfs late than it is time to say how do we do I don't know ow watch what you are doing Bowen watch yourself watch where you go you never seen something about you here that's me very much I ain't growing there they are smart McCraney to the store quickly my little Smurfs they thought Smurfs entrace out there two hours and not a single fight I refuse to go home without at least one fish you hear Azrael why you miserable filefish Oh [Applause] [Applause] turn around hater before what do you mean love nature is a big inspiration you and your crazy ideas boy we are nearly killed look at the bright side Peter we're here and there's not a smurf in sight ah oui oui Mon you think come on let's look around keep starving odd and Peter will never Smurf this storm alive Papa Smurf we'll be lucky if we do and sounded just like nah that's impossible we're on the island we made it well at least we're safe oh look out below out watch where you're falling clumsy oh sorry brainy maybe poet and painter made it here to thomas birth i hopes oh you've got you know voltage as we get it make him stop stop your miserable fish nice fish no Ezra are you miserable cat you left my big one get away oh yes really at least we're on dry land wait for me miserable oh you think we'll ever find painter and poet it's some big island Smurfette we'll find them tomorrow just as reattach it that's how a breakfast gotcha well there went our breakfast up above my little Smurfs we have to find poet and painter waking up look at this hustle again a ridiculously tiny little boat wait it's a smurf boat Azrael there are Smurfs on this island [Laughter] Oh for some Smurf cakes and Smurf berry Chan one morning reminds me of how hungry I am oh it's no use painter the only inspiration I have is for food we are so all I can think of is a zippered I almost miss the village and the other Smurfs yeah we but it's much better here we just the same I wonder what they're doing right now probably working as usual cleaning up the breakfast quickly smurf into that crevasse ah Scalia's get back here we have Smurfs to find as Rianne move your tail you're such an incomplete r3l I told you to hunt Smurfs not wander off inspiration where is thy sting I've got it Oh – a Friday you cannot do that but I am creating support let of see fred egg bread egg Oh anyway I thought of it first make yours poach I refuse it the poached egg make me see well your paintings make me sick son it's all yeah that is so then well my little Smurfs I think our search is over fruitcake Oh paper stop this perfect at once got a smear good work Caspian now all we have to do is follow them Papa Smurf oh we can't leave I haven't Smurf my greatest poem yet and I my greatest masterpiece catch them Azrael or I'll turn you into a fireball someone's worth our boat Gargamel you called Papa Smurf Nasri and we're about to make our catch of the day you will pay for this you miserable Smurfs soon as reality will be feasting on Smurfs we got a save on painter are we but how I don't know but we better think of something fast come on the end is near you sniveling Smurfs it's suppertime any last words before we yes mr. Gargamel I have some last words another one well then say what you will smash and then I'll cook you two [Laughter] Oh pity poor Gargamel's the great he won't have anymore smells – hey she had to add them all for dinner but after today he's going to get thinner sadly the Scoobies Gargamel's very last three four never again will he have Smurfs – ewwww [Laughter] [Laughter] you you can go poet Smurf I must have one more Smurf to kick around what kind of future could I have without smell it was a real Smurf of art oh it we it was your greatest masterpiece for excellence oh thank you thank you but we still have one big problem Papa Smurf how do we get off this island hmm it is a problem Xavier the Smurfs have escaped fine Smurfs funny Smurfs Azrael after them sick getting away no you get your master yes vote quickly quickly they went into that cave as Rianne this mural is your great masterpiece ever see poet now see I can't take it anymore I hate those Smurfs Smurfs I'll get you to the boat as we end they won't get far don't worry Smurfette we're sinking Oh get off you fool Smurfs forget you if it's the last big how did you do that Papa sperm or of your amazing magic no magic Freddy I simply Smurf their drain plug Oh rain

23 thoughts on “Poet and Painter • Episode • The Smurfs

  1. 0:36 Clumsy’s movements would definitely be a perfect homage to Jackie Chan’s comedy fight scenes 😉😊

  2. At the one of the painter's portrait, I think it is from Thomas Gainsborough.

  3. I love poets smurf as One of Greatest episode with Poet Smurf is "Poets Writers Block"

  4. What's a fu-el? lmao        I'll show you blue pants you-you-you-you what?                  Poet at 4:52 and then them at 7:18

  5. Ok so this is kinda boring, but the painting after the Monalisa has some clever context that the writers imbedded.

    It's a replica of Gainsboroughs Blue Boy which was a response to Sir Joshua Reynolds' insistence that blue is a background colour. So Papa Smurf is Reynolds, the painter is Gainsborough and Brainy Smurf is the public reception…

    My 1 year old daughter wasn't interested in that fact… philistine

  6. Do easter, the Smurfette, Smurflings , Babys first word ,Lost smurf ,Astrosmurf ,Prince smurf and I was a Brainy all episodes soon

  7. R.I.P. Don Messick, Lucille Bliss and Paul Winchell (the voices of Azrael, Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Gargamel). They passed away and went up to heaven really soon😔🙏🏻

  8. This is weird. Don Messick is talking to himself as Azrael and Papa Smurf. So yes, Casey Kasem should have done the voice of Gargamel’s pet cat so that way Don Messick can keep doing the voice of Papa Smurf.

  9. To tell the truth- Grouchy Smurf has been good-hearted, responsible, obstinate, understanding, cranky, harsh, mean (sometimes), sympathetic, mature, unselfish, resilient and fearless.

  10. To be completely honest- my favorite character from the smurfs is Papa Smurf because he keeps the others on the right track.

  11. I love 💕🥰💕 Gargamel & the Smurfs! Thanks 🙏🏾 so much for this episode !💕🥰💕🥰💕🥰💕🥰💕🥰💕

  12. Are there in the USA also some annoying commercials between Youtube video's, or is this only in Holland? But nice there are more episode from season 1 coming up.

  13. I think both Painter and Poet don’t like criticism.

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