Poet Asa – Chess to Soccer

sometimes wrong seems right but when that kind of right is most of the time the settings of the mind have been altered you've got to fill in one of those plain pages mostly what the world has written creates me Dark Ages revelation frees the mind it's hard fighting level-headed people nowadays common sense is for the uncommon not these two common common as opposed a type of a cosmic thing on I'm not saying how he does I insane but the world their rule is unstable there is need to call for round table I go for run every morning tonight and this madness I'm not trying to be sick but what's the point being sending any sane world that's insane of acara check my meds the system is checkered black-and-white way of life today defined systems karate from beds butterflies polluted the end of this Jenny's death playing chess the Titans the King inside me uncheck may not see my faith the princes in the tower I am trade to someone's power handsome men to disappear we stare into blank spaces of uncertainty Star Wars we are stars at war causing instability we forgotten we are created to shine races tribes clashes by design is the settings of the game some cosmic rated the winepress only there's no straightness but putin has produced here that is why I prefer soccer we play so burn here the aim is to score not to keep scores no one was a dead world what we've got the World Cup the beautiful game planes all colors together opposites met in each a beautiful image a Mona Lisa behold the perfect pizza of humanity unity is the greatest painter the world can't contain cretinous greats die by the sword that can trap overto suicided in truth is homicide the press is a champ you'll be accused of rape accusation is a sign they wanna get the hands on the money iconic pieces are not that and entire people must live without how long shall they kill our prophets poor Molly some become comedians for Survivor publishers never done a good job they suffer like job work or darker will spawn don't ask it's a this piece when one group stands to benefit those are the different package ed criminals or misfits slaughter of opposition amici about way of survival now Universal there's violence in our system because of your system the system is not my nature the genuine pieces chest to soccer the system is checkered black and white where your flag clearly defines the game is determined by the white piece on his moving fast it's either your outer can is wrong already done a full you must not right moves and free were held by the low free minds free spirits a poisonous up to the status quo chess is ruthless who on just tactless between protects the King the poor work to better the rich the witness from prisons and save inside what has died best piece is white white only looks bright but does that make it right I don't want this kind of piece mine is colorful so beautiful and for all not war his time to play soccer as at the poet p1 seminal for I'll say nothing more

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