Poet Mark Nepo: How to Fulfill Your Greatest Desire | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

mark Nebo is first and foremost a poet shaped by his experiences his extensive collection of published work is written purely from the heart I remember uh you having said or written that for many years you wanted to be a great poet and now your heart's desire is to be the poem yeah what does that mean well it means that and I think it's not just for a poet but it works that way for me I think it's for all of us is I think very understandable we start out learning who we are we start to become familiar with our gifts and then we want to be accomplished that's if you're attuned to your life if you're into your life and then we want to make a contribution and and we have such a production imprint yeah in our culture that we we want to produce something but you know for me as we've talked you know as life had other ideas I found that it wasn't um helpful to try to create great poems I needed to find true poems to help me live and then as I was able to still be here it was all about being the moment of life come alive that that's the poem to stay as close to our aliveness as possible and that is how each of us can live a more poetic life absolutely yeah whether it's I mean one of the interesting things is that in our culture in our world and it's always been so if someone is good at something we tell them if if someone if I write someone says you should be a writer mm-hmm if someone loves the land oh you should be a gardener yes if someone sings you should be a singer yeah however we were being turned into a noun when the aliveness is in staying a verb say that again I know what you just said should explain it to me so that if you love singing just sing just sing you don't have to become a singer yeah that's good you don't have to become a gardener just keep your hands in the earth mm-hmm and then then you know cuz there isn't necessarily just one thing you have to do no and then we follow the aliveness yeah and so our identity evolves over time

18 thoughts on “Poet Mark Nepo: How to Fulfill Your Greatest Desire | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. This aliveness theme comes out in the theological writings of Howard Thurman, David Steindl-Rast and Brian McLaren among others….

  2. This video reminds me of the quote "to define is to limit." Love this!

  3. I am an artist and psychotherapist in Silicon Valley….those are my nouns. more than the noun, I am loving and compassionate. I embrace all of life, chaos. mess, beauty and serenity. I love you Mr Mark Nepo. Thank you Oprah for your wonderful Super Soul Sunday. I watch reruns about four x a week ..and recommend it to many clients. Needed for our times..

  4. I just had an Aha Moment too. So glad I watched this. Especially today. 🙂

  5. I like writing, therefore I should just 'write'.  I do not have to become a writer!  I can be the verb and not the noun.  It is my choice!  The main thing is "just do it". 

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