Poet Susan Blair reads her work

hello my name is Susan Blair and I'm going to read several poems to you which I have written the first one is called hope hope walks on tiptoe and gingerly peers through the curtain waiting but not wanting to be seen watching the next one is called meringue inspired by a really beautiful winter evening not too long ago I just had to write about it meringue oh the surprise of clear skies this night the melt refreeze of winter scuffling with spring has whipped the snow like egg whites into gloss under the moon's light I'm going to read a poem from my new chat book which is under construction which will be all about my sister Donna who has terminal cancer I'm writing quite a few poems too to work through this this one is called what would I do the poet waxes eloquent about the eternal hot springs of Hope the scientist discusses how the purpose of sentient life is to play the cancer patient plays the games of wigs and scarves of hospital visits for poison drips and grueling procedures that invade that torment that terrify would I want to hang around for the mouth sores what I want to wait for the nausea stay for my hair to fall out face myself in the mirror with the rueful discovery that at last I am thin what I pull the plug draw the curtain force the expiration of my contract on my own terms set that bucket on the firm ground of will and kick it all the way to hell if I were the prisoner of my own body would I pay the ransom waste time and money while my prospects waste away when I come up guard against the meaning of life and learned that existing with chemo and radiation is a mean life or no life at all I wonder how she does it my stage-four sister she doesn't say not all of my poems are serious poems I also like to write a little bit on the light side this one is called my feet are short fellows I could write a poem I like alliteration I like alliteration a lot all iteration and repetition repeating itself like an echo in the chamber of my mind I am fond of I am little feet marching across the page to the beat of my poets heart a literary feat indeed oh I could write a sonnet about an Elizabethan bonnet and lay some irony on it and to make it blaze like a comet Oh assonance my ass I could rhyme every time with scansion sublime I can I could maybe I should stick to something easier like rocket science I write for adults as well as for kids I appear as Perry the poetry fairy and read palms that I've written as well as poems by other poets to elementary school children this one is in one of my Perry the poetry fairy activity books for kids this is called my soccer ball and the purpose is to introduce kids to rhyme reinforce that rhyme my soccer ball my soccer ball is black and white I keep it blown up nice and tight I kick it BAM against the wall i watch it fly i watch it fall I kick it soft I kick it hard I kick it to my neighbor's yard I kick it up the highest tree I'll kick to you you kick to me I kick it left kick it right I kick it morning noon and night I take my soccer ball to bed and bounce it gently on my head I kick it over under through you kicked to me I'll kick to you I kick it like a hacky sack I hope it never kicks me back thank you

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