Poetic Assassin Kei Kunihiro – A True Musical Genius? (or YOUTUBE TRASH?!)

in my this is key kana hero also known under a
stage name the poetic assassin this interesting song is called in
Verdean darkness one of a handful attracts key recorded approximately
around 2006 the toy Casio quality backing track and
keys distinct vocals with a harsh Japanese accent created an amusing video
that became a youtube trash class I wish in my head over but is there more to the story of the
poetic assassin let’s take a look let’s start by taking a look at the
track itself his subdued performance informs us there’s too much blood in his
bathroom too much blood in his room possibly in his body the energy the performance gradually
lifts and it’s not long before he’s exclaiming prison ain’t [DOG BARKING] prison ain’t [DOG BARKING]
checking his watch he truly ramps up the energy track hits its crescendo with key
deep into his performance breaking down delivering his lines with raw emotion
please help me please take my hand I washing my hands over and over I’m [DOG BARKING] innocent me I love band polite bow concludes his emotional
outburst the poetic assassin then returns to his normal life the poetic assassin Azera gram tattoo
that’s the symbol of the band him despite being delivered in broken
English these lyrics aren’t any accident they’ve been thought about with big
personal investment an artist how he’s always reading from a book when he
performs so I decided to look into this the bookies holding is titled poet and
killer Chronicles by none other than our number one blood boy cocoon hero poet
and killer chronicles his legit published work as published by Brunswick
in 1995 it contains keys poetry some of which would later be reworked into songs
the hungry machine 0 revolution poetry boy and in varying darkness were just
some of those the book is described as a statement of a wandering soul of the 90s
you can find yourself in this book he is described as the most hardcore poet of
the new generation of beat poetry it was followed by poetic assassin poet and
killer – unfortunately I couldn’t find any images of this one online there is
one copy for sale however it’s very pricey so let’s take a look at what we now know
about this man he was born in Harajuku Tokyo he studied a lot Xhosa University
and graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Laws these weren’t his first
books as he published a sci-fi cyberpunk novel in 1986 he was titled dancing on
the frying pan he followed this up with another sci-fi novel the terrorists of
the holy night was published in 1990 in 2001 key performed live in alley
which seems to be his only live performance that is an a cappella OI OI ROCKET BOY YO! YEAH! YEAH MAN! around July 2007 he made some live
appearances during war I assumed to be at or various open mic nights around Ali even performs a version of police on my
back by the clash after these performances he went completely silent
we wouldn’t hear from him for a long time we wouldn’t hear anything from key
until March 2012 March 2012 was Winkie started performing around Tokyo again since there was twenty twelve
performances we have not heard anything from Kiki’s poetry is pretty interesting
The Hunger machine talks through a machine the wants to feast on the hope
that lies above the clouds clear not to religion the machine takes prestige
money material goods but nothing is enough it devours everything won’t stop to be fairy after of a very high IQ to
understand key con hero the song riding is extremely subtle and without a solid
grasp of Japanese US counterculture most of the lyrics will go over a typical
listeners head there is also Keys nihilistic outlook
which is deftly woven into his characterization his personal philosophy
draws heavily from Nara deny avoid literature for instance the fans
understand this stuff they have the intellectual capacity to truly
appreciate the depths of these lyrics to realize that they’re not just collabora
they say something deep about life as a consequence people who dislike key
cunning hero truly are idiots of course they wouldn’t appreciate for instance
the width and Keyes’s extension catchphrase I washing my hands over and
over which itself is a cryptic reference to to organized Russian epic fathers and
sons from smirking right now just imagining one of those simpletons
scratching their head in confusion as a poetic assassins genius and folds itself
on their screens with fools I pity them thanks for watching my video if you
enjoyed this please like subscribe comment click that videos see you next fall in your lap that’s easy to remember
um people boy the sports stories and then there is smoke learning is
something they ate for what are you sending the ice for guarding something
they anchor and be your never Indian nigga

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  1. I feel very enlightened after watching this video, my brain capacity has increased tenfold!

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