'Poetic Devices' rap by Testament

everybody knows rap is poetry so hold tight kids whatever the vibe is you caught right right or I'm sick without recognizing poetic devices listen my metaphors are weapons the swords to slay dragons picture the scene the dark and cavern where imagery happens I love listening to lyrical language like alliteration personification told me these rhymes are amazing with the moves on beat like drumsticks rhyme scheme is too good like couplets repetition repetition words from the rapper and this section here call it my first stanza then I quickly rap some adverbs in an instant describe an adjective remarkable isn't it and colloquial language is really wicked right yeah in it and similes are like similes are like ninja Swift of supersonic Rockets and if I stop on this line you can call it a sonnet bring the onomatopoeia then boom am I the first person is he the third person what's your point of view my height top hyperbole is the best the world has ever seen but I'm not quite sure what ambiguity means my turn of phrase is one in a million I've got a bundle of idioms sending say sentences I'm just instilling sibilance so cold word juxtaposition I'm bringing the heat use assonance with speech so people fill me on B's I am big pentameter can move me and a little bird told me Antep morphism is goofy ILO's oxymorons logically absurd or are they cleverly done pause for thought and says hora then the song goes on like on Jean Minh I run on lines I love to rhyme you noticed ironic I'm a poet and I don't even realize I thought the stream of consciousness was all in my head so I was sad about pathetic fallacy it rained and then it snowed I don't just play on words I work on words I set up on them I set up on them let's wrap it up with an acrostic exercise now done a blank verse then our free verse with an expression of the freedom within my soul and myself so nice with devices hopefully you get the conceit Oh poetry why fill up my bars of the pasta fees when the end I'm always ends up coming

27 thoughts on “'Poetic Devices' rap by Testament

  1. I will certainly be using this with my students. Really impressive spoken word. Hope you manage to tour near Nottingham soon!

  2. Dope fiya.. I subbed to support… Can't wait to hear more… #BeLegendary

  3. Hi test came to st georges remember my rap my name is seny and when am out I bring life to the arcade great influence

  4. your camera too my school, ATHEL….. NOT saying rest for protection 😬

  5. I remember you when you did TSLA'S Got Talent at our school.
    Also you come every week to The Elland Academy teaching students in yr 9/10 to learn to rap xx

  6. Thank you for sharing your talents. I'd love a copy for my students! Will email a request.

  7. Hi Testament! I'm that girl Katie and you came to my school and I wrote that rap that you liked! I would like to say well done for where you've got to and your going into schools and digging out our confidence to use it in a good way! I hope u do remember me though!

  8. nicely done. I've watched similar rundowns produced by (and seemingly for) academics, and they are so dry. If poetry is just everyday language with the musical elements emphasized, then at least as many poetics must live in the human soul as there are everyday languages working the human tongue.

  9. Saw this dude last night perform his Blake remixed show at Picturehouse in Leeds. What an excellent intelligent and even moving production ! I was blown away, highly recommended for anybody into hip hop,beatboxing, theatre and even poetry! One of a kind performance , you should go see it while you can

  10. Hey Andy love this very smart could you send me these would love to read it to my English class

  11. Made this recently, for the writers, the reader and the teachers. Lyrics available on request. 

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