Poetic Justice 微笑正义 Ep 2

Thank you Adam? -Long time no see
-Luoling? It’s really been ages I haven’t seen you since JC You used to be this quiet junior, and now you’re
a popular news anchor Can we interview you? Sure. I’ve lots to say Get ready Go Could you tell us about
Hong Weixiong’s attack on you? That man is so ungrateful I didn’t mind that he’d been to jail
and hired him, but he wounded… Daddy!Daddy!Kexin! Daddy! Daddy! Kexin… Don’t cry Your daddy would be sad
to see you cry Auntie, please tell the police
my daddy’s a good man He really didn’t mean to.
Daddy’s really a good manMiss?I’m afraid the girl has to come down
with us to the station I know her.
May I come with her? Ricky, you can
go back to the van Benny, could you get
some mood shots? -Sure, what?
-Customers eating, the reception area… -Over there and there
-Okay Hi Remember me? The cad I told you I wasn’t a cad, okay? No cad would admit
he was one The way no idiot
would admit he was oneThis case proves again that…ex-offenders face genuine problems
reintegrating into societyIs it because most members of the public
are prejudiced against them,or are they oversensitive
to the public’s attitudes?Or perhaps that is only an excuse
for them to repeat their mistakesThis issue is worth looking into…I think both parties were at fault If they had just
talked it over calmly, things may not have got this bad That Adam doesn’t look like a pushover,
but he got hurt too You were there, Yanzhi –
what really happened? I’ve met Hong Weixiong
a few times His daughter
is Qingzi’s classmate I don’t know how to explain this, but I did get the sense that
he’s serious about changing his ways, and raising his daughter properly He wouldn’t
have committed a crime The situation was pretty chaotic I think it was an accident You’re not yourself today Yeah… you never talk this much -Something’s up
-What? Yes! You’ve finally come round, darling? No, no… I wish you’d go back to the way
you were as a rookie You were so full of ideals
and fervour You’re a match for Luoling If you’d work together, I… I mean, we’d all, benefit What a waste! -But darling…
-What are you doing? No need to get all touchy-feely What? Are you jealous? Jealous? It’s just my policy to chop off
a straying pig’s trotter when I see one! That means I’m safe Look, this is a jewelled hand It’ll only be drawn
to jewel-like people Sorry but it’s not interested in you Don’t be such a shrew –
you’ll scare the men away Move aside Darling, I’m certain I can relight
that burning fire in you But don’t keep me
waiting too long, okay? I… Hello?
Oh, it’s you, darling He’s got so many darlings, we’re right to call him Casanova But then again, he’s always
behaved that way with Yanzhi I think he really likes you He just likes to kid around Auntie, I swear on my good name
that Kexin would never steal And I swear on my good name
that Uncle Hong wouldn’t either Your good name? And do you know them
that well? Kexin and I are good friends She tells me everything Uncle Hong dotes on Kexin He’d put up with anything for her,
but he wouldn’t let her suffer And he promised her… he wouldn’t let her classmates mock her
again for having a dad who’d been in jail I don’t think he’d steal, either,
but he did hurt someone But if we can prove
that he didn’t steal the money, that he’d hurt his boss by accident
when he was falsely accused, then surely he can be excused And maybe
he won’t have to go to jail You sound like a judge That’s what happens on TV “The law is no more than
relationships between people” Auntie, do help Kexin
and Uncle Hong out Eat your dinner Auntie, you wouldn’t leave them
in the lurch? You may not be
that hot-blooded, but you’re not cold-blooded,
are you? I’ll do my best, okay? But I can’t promise
things will pan out Thanks, Auntie! Rita,
I want to stay with my daddy Please don’t separate us Tell the judge
I want to be with my daddy I promise I’ll do what I can, so you can stay with your dad Thank you Mr Hong, you should be very careful
what you do during this period Don’t make another mistake Kexin, it’ll be all right.
We’ll help you Mr Hong,
how are things going? The police are still
investigating the theft But Adam insists
on suing me for injury So it’s likely that I’ll still go to jail Kexin, could you tell me
how you found the bag that day? I was waiting outside
the cafe for DaddyWhat happened?Don’t trust in justice again-Zhonglun!
-I’m never coming backWhere are you going?
Zhonglun!Auntie? Are you okay? I’m fine.
Why are you still up? I was wondering if you’d thought
of a way to help Kexin and her dad I know it’s not that easy But don’t take too long I won’t.
Go to bed Auntie? Have you found the word? -Not yet
-Then look now “Dream”… So what you really want
is a dream So what’s your dream? Thanks Go ahead After your show aired,
business really picked up at my cafe It’s all thanks to
your show’s popularity I was just reporting the news.
The publicity wasn’t intended In any case,
I should thank you This round’s on me Just this round? Have as many rounds
as you want Here you are -What a coincidence
-This can’t be a coincidence You’re right.
I got Adam to set this up You don’t mind, do you? Let me take this call.
Have a nice chat Is it tough
being a news anchor? The smartphone
really is a great invention In the past, we used to need
an excuse to ignore someone Then it should be obvious that
I haven’t the best impression of you So why did you set this up? I wanted to correct
your misconception of me It feels awful to be misunderstood,
especially by a beautiful woman I believe what I saw That’s the problem What you see
may not be the truth Depending on your point of view,
things can look very different But most of the time, you can infer what something’s all about
from a single point of view An inference is a guess.
A guess isn’t a fact There are so many coincidences
in this world I’m going to show you
another side of the matter -There
-Steve, don’t go Why won’t you take my calls
or see me? I thought you were mad about me.
Why have you changed? Miss, I’ve only met you twice We’ve never even
had a conversation How could I be mad about you? But Steve,
I really love you… Are you okay? Come Hey, that’s no way
for a man to behave You shouldn’t get rough
with a woman Thank you I… I was just being gallant Please don’t fall for me again I really was in love with you But that was then I never fall for a man twice.
Don’t worry Well? Okay, I’ll admit that
I misunderstood you -I…
-No need to apologize Can we be friends now? Pleased to meet you That’s square Here Is it stressful
being a news anchor? What do you think? I don’t know.
That’s why I’m… enquiring Is it fun? -Every day, you’re…
-WaitBoss…Please don’t sue me!
Please!Go away!Please don’t sue meMy daughter’s still youngShe really needs meMy wife is dead If I went to jail… my daughter would suffer Uncle, don’t sue my dad He really
didn’t mean to hurt you Uncle, I beg you! It’s no use begging me, unless you can return the money
you gave that foreign worker I really didn’t steal the money! Uncle, please! Stop begging me! Daddy, what do we do? He won’t let it go Come, get up Thank you You’re a friend of the boss,
aren’t you? Will you please ask him… not to sue me? Judging by what I know of him,
begging won’t help You’ll have to think of another way Take your daughter home Will you really
put that video on air? Of course, it’s a scoop Do you object? Don’t you think it’d hurt them? The media reports over the last few days
have already hurt them Besides,
viewers have the right to know It’s conflicted, isn’t it? Viewers have the right to know,
but the people involved get hurt Isn’t there a way
to compromise? The suspect Hong Weixiong
may deserve our sympathy, but he did injure someone,
committing a mistake It’s only right that
we pay the price for our mistakesAdam employed the suspect
out of compassion,but he was injured for itThe injury for Adam
wasn’t just physical –it was psychological as wellHe may not trust people
as easily againWe should indeed
have compassion, but we should be careful
not to be over-compassionate The crucial point is, those who make mistakes repeatedly
do not deserve to be forgivenNext up, we…So… what do you think? A teacher of mine once said… a media person shouldn’t judge
the values of others by her own values But isn’t that what she’s doing? But as a media person, she ought to have
a subjective opinion But she seems biased She’s taking Adam’s side without
considering Hong Weixiong’s position I agree with Yanzhi I think Luoling’s biased too Yeah. Most people would go along
with everyone else’s view An influential person like Luoling… will definitely influence
even more people And many people have
already jumped to the conclusion… that Hong Weixiong
is entirely in the wrong In that case… Let’s think of a way
to help Hong Weixiong The policy of Real TV is
to place the truth above all Darling… If you think Luoling is wrong, then do something about it –
prove that she’s wrong Hey! I told you – if I see a straying pig’s trotter, I’ll chop it off! Don’t be childish Move aside Darling… Just show us what you can do, and I’m sure
you’ll be as good as Luoling It’ll benefit the viewers,
everyone here, and me! Naturally,
if you accepted my love, it’d be a bonus I know you’re just joking.
I won’t take it too seriously But I’m not joking Whether in work or in love… Casanova,
isn’t this sexual harassment? Ms Zhong Ruiyao,
here’s a question Since when has a boss’s
encouragement of his staff… and a man’s public avowal of love
become sex harassment? You guys are overreacting I think Mr Ouyang’s suggestion
is a good one Judging by the way
Yanzhi expressed herself, she has the potential
to be a news presenter We should give her a chance I’m happy with my present job And I should get back to it Liu Bei had to visit Zhuge Liang thrice
before he managed to employ him I’ve asked her not just 30,
but 300 times! That’s because you’re not Liu Bei
but Xia Liu (sleazy)! You…! Move aside You’re Luoling’s colleague? I was there that day
when Hong Weixiong injured you Then you should have
seen everything, right? That’s precisely why
I think it was an accident Will you consider dropping
the charges against him? That’s impossible –
I want him jailed I don’t understand
why you’re so adamant What good would it do you
to have him jailed? I want him in jail His sort would only cause more trouble
if they stayed in society That way of thinking isn’t right You’re the one with a problem Why go to all this effort for him?
He’s not going to be grateful You were there that day
when Hong Weixiong stabbed Adam You must have seen
it was an accident Shouldn’t you get your friend
to drop the charges against him? If you were there, you’d have
seen me get knocked down, so I didn’t see everything All I saw was
Hong Weixiong wounding Adam That was because
Adam humiliated his daughter He loves her very much If he went to jail,
what would happen to her? Have you no compassion? Miss, it’s not that But this has nothing
to do with compassion I saw him wound someone His reasons for it
may deserve sympathy, but it doesn’t change what he did There are other ways
to resolve this If Adam will agree to
an out-of-court settlement, then Hong Weixiong
won’t have to go to jail, and Adam will be
fairly compensated It’s a win-win situation Do you think
Hong Weixiong’s financial situation… would permit him to
compensate Adam fairly? This is why Adam’s suing him He just doesn’t want to let
Hong Weixiong off just like that Why do you have
a friend like that? Hey, my friends are people,
not saints – are you a saint? Bunch of snakes and rats! No, we’re not! How did she know you
were born in the Year of the Rat? Because you look like a snake That was a quick retort I’ll have a coffeeDo you remember what
that foreign worker looked like?No – all I remember is that…he had a mask-shaped tattoo
on his right handHey You’re not that petty,
are you? I’m not talking to an accomplice I’m not an accomplice,
I’m Fang Zhengye Hey… You’re looking for a witness
for Hong Weixiong? That foreign worker? I’ll take your silence as a “yes” Hey… You really think that Hong Weixiong
did nothing wrong? He was wrong to wound Adam But he did it because his daughter
was falsely accused of stealing, and he was furious If I can prove he didn’t collude
with that foreign worker to steal, then his offense will be mitigated
and he’ll get a lighter sentence In any case,
I must find evidence that will help Hello… Hi… Have you seen a man with tattoo…? That foreign worker got into
Adam’s office very easily, found the money in the drawer
and took it And he wasn’t spotted He’s quite a thief I’m sure someone
helped him from the inside What do you think? Here’s what you asked for Is this private investigator
any good? Don’t worry Lots of lawyers go to him.
He should be okay Zhisheng,
you’ve known me for years What’s the first thing
I look for in a friend? Good looks That explains why we’ve been buddies
all these years That’s definitely one criterion,
but it’s not the chief one Oh, the chief one?
It’s definitely honesty If a friend isn’t honest… I’ll think of a way
to make him honest Right, Adam? I admit that I’m
struggling a little financially A “little”? Okay, I’m really struggling That’s why I really need you to
invest in the cafe and help me out So you’re struggling financially
and your cafe was burgled When your luck is bad,
it can be extremely bad The worst thing is when
your own staff steal from you And if it’s proven that the staff had worked with an
outsider to rob the cafe, it’s a serious crime It was my fault for trusting him We’re friends, right? Will you help me
and invest in the business? Since you’ve been honest with me,
I’ll do my best to help Thank you Do you get the feeling
Adam still wasn’t entirely honest? What else is he hiding? This is where the foreign worker
dropped the bag Hey… If there’s
a surveillance camera there… Could that scene
have been caught on tape? Come on This is the video for that day Take a look Kexin? Mr Adam, you framed
your own staff – why? Could you give us a statement? There has been a new development
in the cafe robbery and injury case The cafe’s owner Adam
had planned the robbery… and worked with an outsider
to rob his own cafe Then he framed his own staff
Hong Weixiong for the crime Hong Weixiong, furious that his daughter
was falsely accused of theft, lost control and wounded AdamThis case shows that…it is not only those who have
made mistakes who do it againAny of us could make a mistake,so we should all be given
an equal chance to change our waysPerhaps we should not regard
ex-offenders with prejudiceWe are all individuals, and…What was that for? To thank and encourage you Encourage me? You really did a great job! It deserves encouragement I’m really proud to
have an aunt like you Auntie? I haven’t seen you
smile like that for ages I miss that Yanzhi… This is for you If it wasn’t for you,
I wouldn’t be able to study Thank you so much! Have some tea Our son dines with us
only once a week, and he keeps us waiting I feel sorry for us He’ll be here soon Daddy, Mummy! You haven’t ordered yet? I told you I’d be busy
and probably late Busy doing what?
Bumming? I knew you’d say that This will prove your son’s
a genius at making money You really made this much
in two months? Impressive, huh? It may look like
I’m just bumming around, but I do have aspirations And I’m talented People don’t
sing their own praises I do Daddy, Mummy,
I know you’re concerned about me But I’m a grown man now And I’ve found a new goal -Uncle Zheng, you’re here
-Hello Long time no see -You got your Uncle Zheng to come?
-No, I got Mummy to I was wondering why your mum
suddenly invited me to dinner So it was for you What can I do for you? Have some tea You still own Real TV, right? You won’t be selling it
anytime soon, will you? No Great –
I’m going to be a journalist there Are you serious? What’s up?We’ve found a buyer
for the condominium-You need to sign the paperwork
-Okay Hey… No, I’ll tell you in person –
I want to see the shock on your faceWhat is it?Bye bye! Help! Robbery! Stop! Let go! Die! You’re sorry? You ruined my life
and all you can say is sorry? How about
Wednesday at 3pm? Great. See you then Thanks, bye Yes? Would you be interested in
joining the news team? Me? I’ve been observing you –
I think you’ve got great potential And the Hong Weixiong case
showed me another side of you I think it’d be a waste for you to keep
handling the lifestyle segment Frankly, it’d be a threat to me
to have you join the team You’d be
my strongest challenger But I’ve always loved challenges – I believe the bigger they are,
the stronger I get You really want me on board? But I won’t pressurize you Give me an answer
when you’ve thought it over Hey… No need to think about it –
just say yes! You really think I’m up to it? But of course! You’re not just up to it,
no one else could do it! Yanzhi, change You need a change! Perfect! Come on,
the more the merrier! Hey, beautiful… May I have the honour
of driving you home? I heard You had a lot to do with
Hong Weixiong’s exoneration A man like me has to make
his first move a stunning one There’s more
where that came from Are you going to run naked
down Orchard Road? No, I’m skinny dipping
in the Singapore River Are you courting me? Now why would you think that? When a man’s after a woman,
he makes the same few moves And you’ve made
the three most typical ones Which ones? You’re behave generously
towards women, you compliment the woman
every day, and try to show off
your sense of humour Since you’ve seen through all that,
I won’t deny it Yes – I am courting you Then I should warn you –
I’m not easily won Not “easily”?
So I do have a chance? Just wait and see Qingzi? What are you doing? Stay back!
Go wait in the living room Are you sure you can manage? I’m doing fine -Be careful
-I will Clean this up when you’re done Okay Here’s the “Pep You Up” breakfast
I made for you Thanks When you’ve finished it, you have to do your very best
and never give up halfway Since I’ve made my decision,
I won’t give up halfway And I’m going to
make this job meaningful I will be unbiased, objective, and approach every story
in the spirit of reporting the truth I believe you can do it Now, eat But it’s burnt You eat! Yanzhi! It’s your first day on a new team –
nervous? -I’m all right
-Do your best!HiMorning Morning Hello… Good morning I’m Yanzhi’s buddy and colleague
Zhong Ruiyao I’m Tang Zhisheng Hi, I’m Fang Zhengye May I call you Zhisheng? Sure What do you do? I’m a lawyer I love lawyers! Miss… Are you short-sighted
or something? I know what you’re going to say,
but not everyone fancies your type I happen not to To me, Mr Tang’s better Very funny Are you that great? You’re always
dressed the same way Do you buy the same outfits
in different colours? Yes Unlike some guys who think
they’re in some Korean idol drama… and wear
something different every day What’s wrong with dressing well? Should I leave the house
looking ugly every day? You’re saying I’m ugly? He’s just kidding You’re not ugly….
you’re very pretty I didn’t say she was ugly She’s ordinary Ugliness would be a distinction But ordinariness is unremarkable,
instantly forgotten It’s worse than being ugly Then how come
you remember me? I have a great memory I wouldn’t take
a second look at you otherwise You must be Mr Fang Zhengye Hello, there -Tang Zhisheng
-Hello I’m Ouyang Qiu,
producer of Real TV News I’m a little older,
so you can call me Brother Qiu Or just Qiu Just don’t call me
Old Qiu, okay? Come, I’ll show you around What are they doing here? Does it matter? Just tell me
how you met Tang Zhisheng What’s he like?
Does he have a girlfriend? Does he…
Answer me! This morning,
the popular actress Sun Jiale… sent press releases
to all major media outlets… announcing that she had
broken off her engagement… to He Youren, second generation head
and general manager of the He GroupThe news has made waves in entertainment,
political and financial circlesThe most shocking aspect…is that according
to someone close to Sun,the real reason for the breakup…is He Youren’s violent tendenciesHe has allegedly hit
and kicked Sun many timesThe He family is said
to be in talks with Sun…to settle on a compensationWhere’s Ouyang?
We’re supposed to have a meeting He said he had to be with two VIPs
and we should go on without him Okay Any developments on
the Sun Jiale-He Youren case? No, no new developments I don’t understand – Sun could have just broken off
the engagement Why did she have to talk about
He’s violent tendencies? Just because they’re breaking up
doesn’t mean they can’t be friends I hear someone
tipped off the tabloids If Sun Jiale
hadn’t revealed it herself, the reports
might have been worse I guess
nothing stays secret forever But He Youren looks so gentle He doesn’t look like
the violent sort So what if
he has violent tendencies? She was willing to put up with it The problem is that the public
loves tabloid fodder like this Just a while ago, didn’t some
member of the public claim…. she’d photographed Sun Jiale and her
ex-boyfriend Zhang Weiwen making out? Zhang Weiwen… the C-list actor
who used to be popular? A love triangle… That makes it even juicier Yanzhi, you handle this I’m sure there’ll be
more revelations to come Oh, you’re all here. Let me
introduce your new colleagues This is Mr Tang Zhisheng Starting today, he’ll be
the legal consultant for Real TV News If you’ve any questions
concerning the law, just ask him This… is Mr Fang Zhengye The owner of our station, Mr Zheng,
is a good friend of Mr Fang’s mother So you can imagine… what a privileged environment
Mr Fang grew up in But he’s actually joining us
as a reporter, when it’s such a tough job I can sense… Mr Fang’s great passion
for our work, and his great ambitions We must help him
realise his dreams, all right? Let’s welcome them Well, time to get back to work I’ll excuse myself.
I have to get back to the office I’ll give you a lift No, it’s all right I bet that Fang Zhengye is here
to chat up women, not work Then he’s not going to last long I should get back to work We’ll be seeing more
of each other from now on So… what do I do now? Come here Yanzhi… Starting today… You’re a team -I object
-Why? He has no experience Darling, that’s precisely why
I want you to train him You can’t expect me
to do everything I may look young,
but I’m getting on in age You wouldn’t want me
to overwork, would you? Okay, okay… I’ll do it,
so please don’t go on I knew you care too much
to want me to work so hard I’m sure you’ll groom him
into an outstanding reporter I’ll leave him to you, then I look forward
to working with you I doubt you’ll last three days,
you bum We’ll see So… What’s going on between you
and that Ouyang Qiu? He’s my boss Has he got a thing for you? Bingo! Hey, beautiful… May I sit here? What? Do I look dashing? You’re dressed in designer stuff
from head to foot And it’s all quite well-coordinated Are you sure you want to be
a news and not a lifestyle reporter? Don’t worry –
I’ll be a superb news reporter You’ll be coming across
a lot of news every day Some of it will sadden you,
some of it will enrage you, and some of it will test
your faith in humanity Are you sure you’re up to it? Hey… Why don’t you all
have faith in me? I’m stubborn,
whether it’s about my career… or about love All right I wish you luck in your career
and in love Fang Zhengye, where are you?
We’re late Turn around
and you’ll see me Where were you? Getting coffee for all of you That was unnecessary.
Let’s go! Like Italy
playing against Germany We’re here?
That was a nice nap… Why are we here? He Youren and Sun Jiale
broke off their engagement And someone let on that it was
because He had violent tendencies -No way
-How do you know? He Youren’s my friend.
Of course I know He’s your friend too? I’m a well-connected man He’s coming out Come on! Mr He? Mr He?
Could you give us a statement? Mr He!What?Why didn’t you go after him? Not when I’m dressed like this I’m warning you – if you
don’t go after him the next time, you’ll lose your job Stop shooting.
Let’s go -May I…
-No Just 10 minutes? 5 minutes? What now? Thank you Miss? What are your views
on the He Youren case? What are your views
on the He Youren case? What are your views
on the He Youren case? Alice! Mr Fang? What brings you here? I was in the area,
and I saw you You’re looking prettier than ever Have you had surgery? Why would I? To seduce Youren.
Why else would he and Jiale break up? I wouldn’t seduce him But I think something
really went wrong between them Yeah? Hi, could you…? Could you tighten that up? Editing’s boring,
so why aren’t you asleep? I’m serious about my job Occasionally, maybe Still, I should thank you If you hadn’t tricked that Alice, we wouldn’t have
got the inside story No problem My looks can be irresistible
to many women, and they do whatever I ask You’re really… -Confident
-conceited Is this okay? Okay, that will do Editing is fun Being a reporter is
a serious business, not a game So, Miss Serious Reporter… -Are you hungry?
-No No? I am, so I’m getting dinner -Hello?
-Is that Liu Yanzhi?Yes, you are…?I’m Zhang Weiwen,
Sun Jiale’s ex-boyfriendI can tell you a lot
about Sun JialeSubtitles: Seki
MediaCorp TV

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