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So it was July of 2014 and we were
preparing to release my new single titled “Clap It Up”. For this single we
wanted to go all out; so of course we had to seek the Lord even harder. As I’m in
my prayer closet, I’m asking God how do we market this, who to reach out to, like
what are the steps. The Lord responds to me by saying, “Go buy Uncle Reece’s ‘Bold’ album
from the store. Purchase a physical copy”. Listen how crazy this is! One, I only have
13 dollars in my bank account. And two, I’m asking God how to better myself. Like
how to advance my career; and the Lord tells me to go invest in someone else’s
career… Okay… So I take my 13 dollars, my quarter tank of gas, drive all the way across
town, I get to the store, and after being told they don’t have any CD’s, I find a
“Bold” album right on the shelf. Crazy so, I grabbed the album, go to swipe my card to pay
for it, and instantly the Holy Spirit says to me, “The same way that you just
invested in his career, I’m gonna send someone to invest into your ministry”. Wow, aiiight *laughs* cool! The next day man I get a random
phone call from this guy he’s super excited and he’s like, “Poetic, what do you
have going on, what’s new with Poetic Lace?” I’m like, “Well I got “Clap It Up”, we’re
getting ready to this new music video, we’re making moves. So he’s like, “I want
in! *chuckles* I want to invest $500 into your marketing campaign”. What? Like
y’all not really hearing this! Yesterday, God told me to go invest $10 into
someone else’s ministry, and then the next day God sends someone to invest
$500 into mine. That’s the Kingdom! The Kingdom is reap and sow. You sow into
your brother, you reap a harvest from God. Like this is beautiful. Well anyway, uh, we
ready! *laughs* So I reached out to this record label that was pursuing me at the time,
and the thing was; I didn’t want to sign with them, but I wanted to see if they had
any marketing services available to me. So I called the owner, I’m like “Hey I’m
not ready to sign with you guys, but I definitely want to see if you have any
campaigns or anything I can get involved in to help my new single. So he’s like,
“Well Lace, for you, we’ll do a marketing campaign for $500. No strings attached”.
Bet! This is God right!? Like I just got $500, this guy’s offering $500. Let’s make it
work. So I connect the sponsor, I connect the owner, we’re gonna do it. But little did I know we didn’t. This dude really stole the money
after signing the contract. He took the money, we didn’t hear anything from him. I
mean, one monkey don’t stop the show. So me and my girlfriend, my wife now, we we
get to it. Man, we’re working hard we’re hitting bloggers, were hitting radio
stations, and God was faithful. Man we have 5,000 hits in that first week. So
faithful to the point where the label actually hits me up and is like, “Hey
we’re doing well”. No, we’re not. We’re doing well over here. You’re doing you. So
he kind of boast and he kind of antagonizes me man, getting my flesh
riled up. So I’m ready to go to war. Like, you seriously saying this to me? It’s
funny because, the same way how the principle of reap and sow is something
that I had to live by, I also had to live by vengeance is the Lord’s. I couldn’t
take him to court, couldn’t go to war so actually I felt really violated. Man, I
felt like he took something from me and he was boasting. Anyway, later on that
day time, I heard a song on the radio and it was like “Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi”,
it was saying all these names of God. And I remember I was asking God I was like,
“Lord where is that at in the Bible? I don’t remember hearing this”. So the Lord didn’t
say anything to me and I ended up going into my meditation. And I end up reading Genesis.
And I’m seeing Abraham. Abraham is getting ready to kill Isaac. God stops
him. He looks and he sees a ram in the thicket bush. Aw, Jehovah Jireh, Yahweh
Yireh, The LORD Will Provide. So I asked God to reveal Himself, and I see Him in
Scripture. So that night I remember I’m thinking back in my refrigerator that
was absent nothing. And then I’m at my girlfriend’s
house now go to her house from my house and there’s absolutely nothing in there
either. So it’s like we gone do. I get the bright idea that, ok I got three dollars
left in my account, she says she has 2.35, so if we put them
together we can get a Hot-And-Ready Pizza. So I’m walking to the door and
then it’s like the Spirit was on me and I look back at her I’m like, “Yo, I think
God’s gonna give us some free food”. So She was like, “All right get it. Go get
the pizza”. All right so I’m in the car I put in my Uncle Reece CD, man and I’m
worshiping until I pass out all the way there.
So when I get to the place, when I get out and I’m feeling good, oh my God, I
just thank You. I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I
thank You, I thank You. So I walk in the store it’s 10:35 at night, there’s nobody
there, just a supervisor and a worker in the back. So I walk up to the lady at
the counter. I’m like, “Hey. I got 2.35 on here $3.00 on here, please don’t overdraft this”. She’s like, “I got this! Alright! *laughs* You okay?” And I’m like, “Yeah, God is good. God
is good.” And she’s like,” All the time. Don’t you forget that.” So all of a sudden,
it got quiet. I’m just staring down, I’m looking down at the counter. As
I’m looking at the counter, I don’t hear her moving anymore. So I look up and
she’s standing there just staring directly at me. Like how my eyes are
looking at your eyes, she’s staring directly at me; no noise, no grimacing,
just rivers of water flowing down her face. And I’m trippin’ like what’s going
on. Then she opens her mouth and she says, “Did I not tell you that I will
never leave you nor forsake you?” I pause. “Yes I know that company stole that money
from you, but did I not allow it.” *chuckles* Hands up! Like I know Who’s talking to me!
Like she don’t know any of this! “Though you walk through the valley of the
shadow of death, you shall fear no evil. For My Spirit is with you.
My rod and My staff they comfort you. Hallelujah. God is talking to me. Next thing I know Scriptures are coming left and right out of her mouth.
And mind you his whole time, just rivers of water flowing, but no grimacing, no
movement, just words coming out of her. I’m crying, I’m running around, and this
place is small; its like 10 feet. I’m running around. I’m crying and the Spirit lifts off of her
her and now she’s crying and she just her hands are going crazy. “Oh my God! God is in here! He loves you! *crying sounds* She’s tripping out, and she’s running. Two
people running around. And now we’re just praising God. So next thing I know, I see her
turn and run to the oven. She opens the oven and she’s just grabbing out pizzas.
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza. Mind you, I came in with 5 dollars and 35 cent. I left off with like
60 dollars worth of pizza, breadsticks and just worship. I literally met
Jehovah Jireh, Yahweh Yireh, the LORD Will Provide. *chuckles*
So, that next day man I’m still on cloud nine! Like oh I just met God! So I opened the Bible,
I’m looking in the Scripture and I come across El Shaddai. And I’m seeing
Him with Jacob. God Almighty! God who strengthens the
hands. So I’m like alright bet! I’m finna meet him in person! Like
something’s about to happen! So I go to Jackson High School that day, and I’m
praying for the people out there. People are just playing basketball. I’m praying
for the youth. God was just telling me to pray for them.
So as I’m praying I hear the Lord say, “I’m gonna give you one hundred dollars
to pay for your phone bill”. Aiight! *Chuckles* God’s speaking, we’re going to listen. That’s what it
is. I believe that. So I had to this shopping plaza
with my girlfriend and I get out the car. As I’m walking up this lady
runs up to me and she says, “God told me to give you this. And He said there’s
more to come. Stay faithful keep obeying, Him. He loves you”. So I turn around I walk
away from her. I open my hand and I look and it’s a crisp brand-new $100 bill.
Like the hologram and everything. Like yoo! I turn around and run to the lady and I’m like,
“yo, you don’t know what happened! You don’t know what’s happening”! And she’s
like, “no baby you don’t know what’s happening. I was sitting here, a man came
up to me, gave this to me, then I heard the Lord say to me, ‘that’s not for you.
Hold that until I tell you who its for’. And then you come up here all bright, and
God says, “there he is”. Hands up. What can you do but worship a holy God that loves you that
much that He will cause people to obey, like a line of obedience. Like the first
guy had no clue that he was sowing. He was investing into my life. But he just
obeyed and gave to someone who then obeyed and gave to someone which led to
God’s Word being true. It’s amazing! So, now I go straight to T-Mobile and I
pay my bill. *laughs* The guy was like, he didn’t give me my change at first. I’m like yo, give me my change. He says “oh yeah, you can use that for the strip club”. I said “No! This is going in offering
bucket”. He then says, “Wow. I needed to hear that. I needed to hear
somebody’s faith. Cause I didn’t know. And I’m like, “Wow. What’s your name? He’s like,
“Angel”. So I’m like, “Well, don’t be a fallen angel”. So we laughed and he’s like, “Man I’m
really gonna talk to Lord”. So bet! Another testimony, cool! So, that next day, I’m
looking in Scripture and I’m tripping out because this time I run across Moses.
And this is Moses and he’s fighting against the Amalekites. And he’s like
tired but he has Aaron holding his arm up and he has the other guy holding his arm up;
and as they holds his arm up they prevail in battle and they beat the children of Amalek,
and he yells out “Jehovah Nissi”! “Yahweh Nissi”! Which means, “the Lord is our banner”. This was their rally place. Like they’re
turned up for the Lord here cause God prevails. So I’m like I’m about to
meet Jehovah Nissi, Yahweh Nissi. I’m about to meet You, So I’m excited and I
don’t know how this is going happen. *laughs* So I go to my mom’s house and there was a dental
bill there. Why not at my place? I don’t know but, it’s dental bill there then I
called them like hey, why do I have a bill? And they said we’re just cleaning up and
this is the insurance and they didn’t cover this that and the third. I’m like all right,
Daddy, we got a problem. *Chuckles* So the Lord speaks to me. And He says, “There is an
event that’s going to call you. This venue is going to call you to come perform. Do
it for free”. Alright alright, this is the solution. *Laughs* God is faithful! So T.J Da Beatman calls me and he’s like hey come to church we need you to perform at
this youth event. So I’m like alright cool. So I go to performing it was awesome man. The
worship is high, the youth are running around man; this is beautiful man. People were literally giving their lives to Christ. Like this was so dope. So
afterwards, the first lady, it’s me, and another artist. So she calls the other
artist to buy a CD. And so then they say aw Lace, she wants to talk to you
afterwards. So I’m thinking she just wants to buy a CD and you know give some
encouragement as she did the first artist. I wasn’t really sure. After
everything’s over, I stick around. She calls me in the back and she’s like,
“Lace, God is so with you. Don’t ever lose that that boldness. Stay radical for Him.
Even if they don’t accept you. Even if it looks bad,
you hold on to God and you keep pushing. Here.” She puts something in my hand. “God told me to give you this. You stay encouraged”. So I turn around, wow,
it’s the money for my dental bill. Like all the money. Jehovah Nissi “my
banner”. Like, we just rallied. We worshipped. God showed up again. So that next day, I’m reading Ezekiel and you have the children of Israel who feel, well
actually, God has departed. That’s like God is gone because of their
sin and what are we going to do. That’s the kind of thing that’s going on. And the
LORD declares that He’s coming back. The glory is coming back. So I see Yahweh
Shammah. Yahweh Shammah pops up in Scripture, Jehovah Shammah. I’m like, “Oh wow. So the glory is coming”. “God is there” That’s what it means.
So God is here with me. Alright cool. So how are we going to do this. So the Lord speaks to me
and He says, “Lace, you need to trademark Poetic Lace. It’s yours; claim it”. So I’m
like alright. The first thing I do is research. I’m studying it and I find out
what are the federal fees and I find out you need an attorney. So I’m like alright,
okay how do I do this? *Chuckles* So I reached out to this attorney that a friend gave me
contact to. He doesn’t pick up but just tell him who I am.
The LORD had dealt with him. He reaches back to me and he says, “I don’t want to
be a hindrance to all of the things going on in your life.” So he gives me a cheap
flat fee; like, it I blew my mind. So I’m like alright. Later on that day, so I got the
price so of course I go back to God. I’m like, “Lord this is how much it’s
gonna cost. You know what I need. Tell me what I need to do to get it. Or
how to move about this”. So that night, a couple of friends that play basketball
came in town. They wanted to come talk to me.
So as we’re sitting there, I’m just telling them all the great things the Lord
has done these last couple of days. And one of them was like, “Bro, what were you talking to God about earlier today?” As I’m looking I’m like, “Dawg, you don’t
need to know all of that.” *chuckles* And he’s like, “Naw naw naw, you’re always
talking about hearing God’s voice; I want to make sure that I heard Him. What did
you and God talk about earlier today?” So I told him I told the Lord that I needed
six hundred dollars to pay for my attorney and my trademark as a
total. And he’s like, “Yeah yeah God told me that! And God said He’s going to give you
that!” I’m like aiiight. *Chuckles* So the next day I’m playing tunk with my homeboy at the house
and now there’s a knock at the door. I’m like alright who’s at my door. So I
go open the door and it’s this kid standing there with $600 crying. Like, just
crying and standing there yelling, “God said He was going to give it to you!” I’m like man get in here!
Hands up! Man we’re in here worshiping man; God literally did it again!
I just met Yahweh Shammah. He’s there. So you fast forward to 2015,
I own Poetic Lace; trademark. My encounters with God are so special, and
God wants to have a relationship with you that are so special as well. I wouldn’t
trade Him for the world. He’s our Father. I love Him!

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  1. God Bless You Man Of God!!! I came across your video yesterday and it blessed me soooo much that I subscribed to your YouTubeπŸ˜ƒ Then this morning I’m listening to your testimony of Obedience, Sowing and Reaping! This was so powerful, because I was just reading The Word this morning about that! Hallelujah God is Soooo Faithful πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ I Love your ministry that God has CALLED, ANOINTED and APPOINTED you to!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!….Our God is an awesome God!!!!!! I love your testimonies and you young man, are an inspiration to all. Keep up the great work that God has put in you to use you for his Glory!!!!! Amen……….Your music is the true word of God!!!!!!!!!!

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