Poetic Lace – Who Do You Think You Are ft. Che’Don (Official Poetry Video) (@PoeticLace)

♬ Who do you think you are? I’m sorry,
let me redeliver this question: Who do you think you are? I am a strong black
woman. I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, a lover. I am a queen! So, if you’re a queen,
then why is that not something you boldly sing? I mean, I see you love your kids and
you love your family, but why is your face always anti-happily? I’ve had to
fight for survival. I can’t afford to smile all the time because of who I am, I
can’t cross certain lines. Cross certain lines? Well now my question is, who drew
those lines? If you were a child of a king, you would be able to do all things,
but I guess, when Martin died so did his dream. Well the white man drew and the
black man withdrew from us. I am a child of the king, but it’s hard to see the
palace through the ashes and the dust of lies, cries, deceitful eyes, man if you
could just see how my soul dies. Let me respond as someone who stood in the same
places, had to love different races, though being mistreated in many cases; No one takes My life from Me but I lay it down of Myself; I have power to lay it down and I have power to take it again;
This command I have received from My Father. I’m sorry the scripture gives me
so much power. Well anyways it sounds like the enemy still owns your flower.
How can you say, “I’m a child of the king BUT” That’s like a film being recorded
and director yelling cut. Well, who am I really? You are who God says you are; nothing more, nothing less.
We’re too quick to yell we’re blessed, when in truth, we’re a walking hot mess.
We all need Jesus to clean us from the inside out, I want you to listen close to
what this message is all about. You say it’s hard to see the palace through all
the dust and ashes but why isn’t a daughter of the King already inside the
palace, I think it’s time for some new glasses. Change your perspective, change
how you view life, praise God even when things don’t feel
right. Don’t allow a painful past to destroy a fruitful future. Even Steve
Jobs had to leave IBM to make Apple Computer. The beautiful thing about
greatness is it can take place wherever you’re at. Don’t allow the economy to
determine the things that you lack. *Singing* Who do you think you are? *Singing* Who is it you think you are, who is it you think you are? *Singing* Who do you think you are?

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  1. The entire world needs to listen to this message! This is nothing less than AMAZING!!!

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