Poetri doing MONEY on Def Poetry

[Applause] my Bunny's been acting funny lately now I don't mean haha funny now I'm talking strange weird different type funny this time money's going all out leaving me showing up then leaving as quickly as she came ignoring me treat me like a poor man what I do boo all I ever did was love you maybe too much cuz now it's like now it's like we ain't cool Doughboy we used to be Road dogs inseparable but lately my money's been acting funny and I haven't seen money in months I got more than a hunch she's playing me trying to make me jealous hanging out with other fellas I always hear some other brothers pocket I try and tell them in those other guys those other guys is just using it they just using you money she'll want to hear me she'll want to hear me shouldn't even my phone calls she'll stop by the crib like she used to she won't go to movies with me she won't even go get nothing to eat and you know it probably can't eat without money don't you know I miss you I want you okay okay I need you to survive my life walls around you I can't replace your money believe me I've tried there's only so much bread and water I can take call me spoiled but I remember the days I remember the days when people used to see us at the hottest clubs the expensive restaurants all the high price to us I made sure I look good with money I treated you right I never abused you did I did I abuse you money noggin used to you hanging around and now you're giving me a taste of what it feels like to live without you people still think we're tight I mean they still ask about you I don't like them all in my business so I just reply you know money in artist close as we used to be my money's been acting funny lately I can't even call out a name when I'm shooting ball oh I saw the other day in Beverly Hills Chien even acknowledged me she looked at me like how do you get in Beverly Hills I don't belong ever since money hasn't been around I feel like I'm losing my other friends to American Express these are discovered now they start at Shady I think she spread lies on me I tell you I don't know what I did but my money's been acting real funny lady and I don't know her anymore and my life ain't the same never will be the same and some money comes back into my life so if you see her or any other cousins cuz you got a whole bunch of family running around let her know that I miss her that I love her and I wanted to come home [Applause]

41 thoughts on “Poetri doing MONEY on Def Poetry

  1. Wonder if Anderson Paak got thevideo concept for "Bubblin" from this.

  2. I got an opportunity to see him perform MONEY at NC Blumenthal Performing Arts in Charlotte, NC in 2007. He is great!

  3. If that is your real name I believe you are here for a purpose. You are BLESSED I respect you as a poet I have been washing your poems for a couple of months now. I enjoy your listening to your words, funny, serious I am true fan.

  4. I love all of his work!!! you are so crafty and clever and talented

  5. I am a teanager and have watched just about all his poems 4 times each. One, because they are funny. Two, because his poems just never get old.

  6. Such a clevely crafted poem plus he has a sense of humour. Love this.

  7. was introduced to Def Poetry and your work back in '07 by my sophomore Literature teacher in high school and have been a fan ever since!!!

  8. The single realest poem I have ever heard. lol my money has been acting funny too.

  9. Awe… but seriously… you're one of my favorites I listen to that puts a smile on my face. I have been writing most of my life but I'm too shy to perform/recite it in front of large crowds. How did you get over your stage fright(if you had it)?

  10. YAYYY!!! Glad I could…it's the least an appreciative fan can do. Keep smiling hun 🙂

  11. Ahhh, you are too kind. You just put a big ole smile on my face. Thank you.

  12. I loooove Poetri I watch this video and can't stop smiling thinking about the very first time I saw it (when it first aired) OMG!! God bless you love 🙂

  13. I totally miss Def Poetry Jam!!! Poetri is awesome!! Enlightening and entertaining

  14. I tend to watch def poetry in search of some deep philosophical shit, not to say your writing isn't multi purpose, but I got side tracked from my bitter quest by all your poems, and they lifted my mood considerably.. respect from Australia

  15. @kamkam30 you don't need help to start writing, you just need to start writing..

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