Poetry / Поэзия

you the last time I had a girlfriend was like two years ago need to actually two years yeah it’s weird what’s weird not having a girlfriend for so long that’s not very little you have spent most of your wife and most of your prostitute bitch wife result on being single is the default state therefore not weird yeah well I think it’s just odd because i’m sure i could get a girlfriend anytime i won it’s just that no girl really interests me yeah sure I think I could girls like me trust me and I’ve always gotten along with girls better than with males it’s just that hopefully no I’m sure I’m not gay actually I do know a girl that still interest me my ex she she’s doing just you how the dark occasionally was she just interesting to you fantasizing way no I just lurk her blog web stalker what do you mean web stock is that a thing yeah it’s been when you it’s when you stalk someone on the wine pretty self-explanatory right so what kind of blog is that what things the supposed cooking recipes news nah it’s a tumblr she first some poetry she writes poems interesting and what about those poems of yours did you mentioned you should read some to me I don’t know man feels weird reading my poetry to some guy I just met online will do mean just like the second time we’re talking by web standards we’re beyond acquaintanceship by now and the well into friendship I mean you you haven’t deleted me yeah but it’s still awkward for me I don’t really know you come on you know me we’ve talked about me I think I want to separate my offline and our mind my life as much as possible that’s ridiculous and absurd you see conversations with strangers online in the first place and then detach yourself superficially I think it’s Jupiter than sincere or not insincere then read some poetry come on I’m I’m very open-minded and curious okay give me a sec ok so this poem I haven’t actually read it to anyone offline or online is it recent not really it’s just too hardcore for real life I’m going to expose your genitals Tamina but you’re being so slowly mysterious and then you said it was too hard core perhaps you are gay no so the poem it’s titled beautiful verses ugly I knew a beautiful girl once she was beautiful now she is ugly everything beautiful gradually and inexorably becomes ugly I want to accept ugliness but I can’t everything is ugly around me when everything around you stinks you begin to stink as well how do I explain to my mother that I don’t want this job because it’s ugly sex with a beautiful person can be beautiful but I don’t know any beautiful persons offline I am always beautiful online I am always beautiful when I wear white a white t-shirt or when I am naked under the white sheets of my bed cold air is beautiful the color white is beautiful cool people are beautiful some poetry can be beautiful but it’s mostly ugly beautiful vs ugly wall very interesting you’re right you’re definitely cincy yeah I gotta go now sorry can you hear it this is crazy neighbors have played this song like 20 times in a row already so annoying it’s beautiful by christina aguilera do you know this song I think it was popular like a decade ago you are beautiful in every single way so stupid they play it over and over again the most annoying part is that I can barely hear it it’s so faint like if they stopped playing it I would still think they are still playing it makes me nervous yeah can you hear it it’s there but very very faint like my life beautiful except the song is not beautiful you yeah this is where I live just going for a walk the stars stars are twinkling tonight in itself would be more street friendly transfer is available you this is it this is my favorite alley I think it was an instant favorite I have this third-person memory of it like I was walking down the alley with Joan one night and this guy an acquaintance sauce from the street he didn’t come up to us and I didn’t see him later he told me I looked happy really stuck with me every time I think about this place I visualize myself walking along the alley with her with a happy expression on my face in third person memory is very cinematic and very sentimental yeah can you hear me now yeah in you yeah I can hear you fine sir where we like I was saying I had this dream where I visited you in New York and the city was so bright and shiny and I wanted to stay but I woke up and it’s still this fucking place I’m still here you know I had never had this ambition to move out or to leave for another place or something like that you know like wanting to move forward but you can’t I live through all this in the dream and all the emotions have stayed with me what do you think I think you’re trying too hard I don’t know talking via Skype is distracting I think that if I fantasize about something too much it will never actually happen you must be fantasizing about having a boyfriend a lot in this case hahaha I do fantasize about boys a lot though when I see a cute guy I can’t look away they’re usually the loners you know silent lonely guys that’s what I’m attracted to I concur loneliness can be attractive like a black hole I imagine them being actually interesting and when I talked to them they always turn out predictable and banal Kevin wasn’t so banal was he why do you always have to bring him huh you always seem so carried away when talking to him you two are like two little birds chatting away about your stuff I was obsessed with him back in the day in the distant past but the obsession faded pretty quickly not attracted to him at all today to kiss him today would be like filling my mouth with salt cod that’s harsh how I feel he’s so self-conscious and then genuine and faith makes him ugly unlike you I’m actually concerned about things or persons being ugly or beautiful sure you know what I want your cord you eating your poem what for it’s a memento anyway I don’t want to read it again now it’s for the camera it’s for the archive what archive I don’t know the family archive it’s for our children and our children’s children and their children without history there’s no future please stop embarrassing me come on I’m your sister it’s okay I love you’re eating okay the title is the same sweater I’ve worn the same sweater every day for the past three years I have no real ambition but to eat without sharing and sleep as much as I want to don’t call me stupid don’t call me square don’t call me a future old maid because I don’t care I work very hard to keep my dignity and grace and to save my face you walk me to my door and took a picture I never saw that picture find it and send it to me am I wearing the same sweater in the picture I must be as my face changed much since then it may have why do I have to change for all you people the street is loud all the noise it’s so grotesque how am I supposed to create beautiful things with all that noise all the deviousness out there the noise annoys me people humans persons annoy me when loud takes so much effort to get to know a person and often they turn out a lot less than awesome how do I win how do i prevail in this game maybe I just want to be left alone I think I’m better off alone next week I’m turning 20 I will stop being the teenager i think i will die a little more when i turn 20 everything that is alive is also dying what three wishes do i want to come true I want to lead a generally peaceful existence I want to keep my virtue I want to wear my old stinking sweater all day long every day it’s perfect it’s peaceful it’s so good I mean it you should ask someone to come up with some funky beats and turn into a rap song or something bad idea actually oh whoops you you I can feel it I can feel it in the air the Sun the wind the internet is all around me the poetry is in the air the poetry is in the air I think I must be coming off as creepy to strangers in general persons look at me weird on the streets why I don’t know I just feel it people are freaked out by me by my appearance you shouldn’t worry about it people in general freaked out about anything especially nowadays if random people are freaked out by your appearance it is because you are different and you should embrace it I guess what do you think about what about my videos my poems about me well I think any new poems yeah there’s this one of the meaning to read to you Percy hold on a second okay it’s called stranger on the internet I’ll start a stranger on the internet hello stranger your faceless and silent your creepy and sad you have no life all you do is being on the internet all day long you have a blog and a Twitter you leave comments on the internet you use a photograph of some other person as your user picture in real life you are a regular person of flesh and blood I am terrified by the fact of your existence in real life if I ever see you in the streets I’ll feel compelled to cross the street you are a musician and a photographer on the internets you post fanart on the internets you are a poet on the internets your poetry is exceptional your poetry is beautiful your beauty is overflowing the online world I can feel the poetry in the air the Sun the wind the world wide web is all around me the poetry is in the air your poetry is in the air wow I love this one I think it is the best one I’ve heard from you so far Thanks want to hear something funny I have an ex the writes poetry as well yes she posted this new poem maybe you a day after i posted mine and there’s a line in hers that sounds too much like mine like in my poem it’s the world wide web is all around me at the poetry is in the hair and in hers it’s something like the poetry is in the light waves the world wide web is rainbows interesting an interesting synchronicity right well perhaps she just ripped you off yeah I thought about it that would mean she follows my tumblr you know maybe she does like me after all maybe Oh perhaps it’s just a coincidence you can be certain I doubt it I don’t believe in coincidences coincidences don’t just happen they are caused right i think i have i have to go to bed now bye goodbye have a nice day great point thanks again bye

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