Poetry about Night-walks| रात टहलने पर कविता

Namaste, welcome back to my channel. Pardon the sound of firecrackers outside you may hear. Some people started celebrating Diwali in advance Making videos will be a little tricky… Before I say anything else, On that note You might have notice the new poetry on Instagram I will be talking about that today However, the difference is last time I had a story Today I don’t have a particular story I can… just talk about my experiences such as… When you take a stroll at night. Though now days I don’t stroll that much A while ago I used to go on night walk a lot. Even around 9-10 PM I liked nightwalks especially during winter times. I used to go with my family We’d wear out jackets, track pants and boots It was a lot of fun despite cold, and fog in the night. You’d get to see different things Sometimes you’d see a car passing by You’re walking in the front and you notice the yellow headlights in the back Soon as you turn your head back The vehicle would pass in front of you and you realise The vehicle has red lights at the back Thinking about these things is fun I wrote a few lines just thinking about these things. I don’t have a story. When you walk outside I don’t like to have thoughts in my head Different things revolve around your head Thinking about things at times makes you happy Sometimes makes you sad Then you go to sleep and don’t remember what were you thinking about I have written about these things in here Name of the poem is “A dark night with no point” In a dark night with no point, you notice two different types of lights Shining golden and blinking red I kept walking in the dark night with no point I looked back to notice the blinding golden light staring at me with anger With breath struggling under my throat, my feet sank at the spot I stood The engine growled at me on one side And insect screamed at me on the side With both my ears shrunken, I was waiting for the moment When either the curse runs, or my breath passes With the sense of the gust, the yellow light had turned into the blinking reds’ That red now ran ahead of me in a blazing speed Until the lights were sucked into the darkness, I did not took a step further Then the silence of the night mingled with the croaks of the insects Then as I walked, I started remembering certain things How long has it been, since I’ve been walking on these paths, without any reason? How much time has been wasted staring at the stars, without any reason? How much greed seeped into my heart, as I walk near buildings, without any reason? How much fatigue I let my legs catch, for just walking like that, without any reason? That dark night had a point, after all Weird, how it would never end Then, either cause of fatigue or desperation, I found my way to home Stuck in the mazy of such reasons, poor guy jumped on his bed Reasons kept blinking in my head, while my eyelids slowly found its way down. Darkness founds its way into my eyes as such, That sleep took me to a shiny dream, without any reason. This has been my experience everytime I went to walk And I ended up jotting down those experiences into this Like I said, this wasn’t going to be a long video I got a chance to remember some old moments

3 thoughts on “Poetry about Night-walks| रात टहलने पर कविता

  1. Good lord my mans, you've got amazing story telling skills. Got me reminiscing about my childhood when I'd go on similar long walks with my family. The poetry itself paints the entire picture beautifully. Kudos bro.

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