Poetry: Bonnie and Clyde

welcome to the Poetry garden, I’m your poet Katrina Smith and today I’ll be reciting a poem that I wrote
September 1st 2012 called Bonnie and Clyde and it goes something like this:
you are my quiet before the storm. I am your Thunder, as it rains listening
to our heartbeat side by side sitting, out on the park bench, while we allow our
hands to collide. You are my sweet harmony to the song, that’s playing in my
head. I am your Bonnie and you are my Clyde. We will forever be stuck side by
side, while roaming the court-yard shackled with chains. I will forever be your Bonnie
and you will forever be my Clyde. if you enjoyed this poem do check down the
description down below and do leave a comment and give this video a thumbs up. In every flower there’s a seed, we plant the to seed and watch it grow 🌷

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