Poetry Club #26

Oh, hello! Didn’t see you there. *laughs* Too corny? A little bit. Ok Do you ever find yourself surrounded by mind
blowing original poetry? Do you feel like you are lacking a platform
for sharing your work with the world? Are you unable or unwilling to perform in
a poetry slam or an open mic but would love to see your work being performed by someone
else? Would you like to be a part of bigger creative
community? Would you like to indulge yourself with full
sense of belonging and connecting throw internet? I don’t think that’s in the script. I got a little carried away there. If your answer to any of those questions was
yes we have good news for you. We have decided to try something new and innovative
and start a poetry club. Rule number on of the poetry club: You do
not talk about the poetry club. The script! And not just any kind of poetry club but an
interactive one. So you can send all your little poems to us
so that we can read them out loud. Indeed! Not only will we be performing our own work
but also submissions by you guys. And by us, I mean myself, Diana Barry, Jane
Andrews and Ruby Gillis. This is going to be so much fun, Anne is such
a great poet. Well, thank you my dear friend, you aren’t
bad yourself. And more importantly: this is for all of us
to learn and share and have fun. If you would like to send us your poem there
will be the email address and more information in the description box down below. We should start doing like themes or prompts or something but we’ll see about that. And if you are scared of your poem being
too different we accept all kinds of genres and meters and poems, so don’t worry. Don’t worry indeed. If you have any questions just leave a comment
below or send us an email and we’ll be with you asap. Let’s do this guys!

2 thoughts on “Poetry Club #26

  1. If your poetry readings are going to be anything like this dramatic announcement, then I can't wait.

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