Poetry Everywhere: "Lake Echo, Dear" by C.D. Wright

CD right was born in mountain home arkansas in the Ozarks went to college in Arkansas and Memphis and lives now in Rhode Island her books of poetry include one inspired by visits to louisiana state prisons she once said poetry is a necessity of life it is a function of poetry to locate those zones inside us that would be free and declare themselves Lake Echo dear is the woman in the pool of light really reading or just staring at what is written is the man walking in the soft rain naked or is it the rain that makes his shirt transparent the boy in the iron cot is he asleep or still fingering the springs underneath did you honestly believe three lives could be complete the bottle of green liquid on the sill is it real the bottle on the peeling sill is it filled with green or is the liquid and illusion of fullness how summers children it turned into fish and rain softens men how the elements of summer nights bit us to get down with each other on the unclaimed floor and this feels painfully beautiful whether or not it will change the world one drop thank you you

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