Poetry Everywhere: "Stone" by Charles Simic

Charles Simic grew up in Belgrade during World War two came to this country when he was 16 he said being one of the millions of displaced persons made an impression on me I'm still amazed by all the vileness and stupidity I witnessed in my life go inside a stone that would be my way let somebody else become a dove oak Nash was a tiger stood I'm happy to be a stone from the outside the stone is a riddle no one knows how to answer it it was in it must be cool and quiet even though a cow steps on it full weight even though a child throws it in the river the stone sinks slow unperturbed to the river bottom where the fishes come to knock on it and listen I have seen sparks fly out when two stones are rubbed so perhaps it is not dark inside after all perhaps there is a moon shining from somewhere but still behind a hill just enough light to make out the strange writings the star charts are the inner walls you

5 thoughts on “Poetry Everywhere: "Stone" by Charles Simic

  1. I feel privilaged to have attended a semester of creative poetry writing taught by Charles Simic at UNH in the early 70's.

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