Poetry: Heart 2 Heart

Hello and Welcome to the Poetry Garden, I’m your poet Katrina Smith and, today I’ll be reciting a poem that I wrote on September 18, 2019 it’s called: Heart 2 Heart and it goes something like this:
This heart always holds in kindness. But, it fears rejection. Therefore, this heart
does its best to keep kindness flowing, even though, she really wants to say No!
Her heart holds in many emotions. some become unbearable to speak on. And the
only way she feels safe is: keeping them bottled up, or speaking out out because
she does not want to deal with more pain. Can she closed her eyes, and wish that
her pain would fade away. And begin a new chapter on a different page because she
knows within her heart: no one would sit still to listen. Therefore, she continues
to wear her heart upon her sleeves. And trying to let go of, the fear of saying
no. Can you hear this love of pure truth because I seriously need to get
this off my chest. And I will continue to let my kindness flow. But, now it’s time
for me to: learn how to say no! and it’s coming from the heart. In every flower
there’s a seed, we plant to see me watch it grow 🌷

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