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[MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER 1: Modernism represents
a clean, and quite deliberate, break from the poetry
of the prior century. SUBJECT 1: The question
is, when he writes a poem that is the ultimate Ars
Poetica of the modern period, he’s doing something very intentional
by creating one irregular line in each– INTERVIEWER 1: So are you
saying he’s doing form breaking? SUBJECT 1: He’s using
form to break form. SUBJECT 2: People associate
Chicago with Modernism. And when Harriet Monroe had
the idea for Poetry Magazine, it’s almost like she
willed into existence the poetry world that she wanted. INTERVIEWER 1: They, like
their art, live on the edge. Natalia Zukerman, singer,
song writer, and poet– NATALIA ZUKERMAN: You called me a poet? INTERVIEWER 1: I’m calling you a poet. SUBJECT 3: Here we are in Frost’s
little cabin in the woods. This is really where Frost
lived and wrote the last 20, 30 years of his life. He said this was his
favorite place to be. INTERVIEWER 1: We journey to
Vermont, London, New York, in know order to find as
many pathways as possible. Why did people line up to– SUBJECT 4: To see him. INTERVIEWER 1: –go see Langston Hughes? SUBJECT 4: Because they knew
that they would hear the truth. And they knew that he would
talk about their lives with empathy, with sympathy,
with love, with respect. Poetry keeps the world alive. INTERVIEWER 1: Modernists are
the original avant-gardists. They change everything.

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