Poetry In Motion

“Fourteen had just become so familiar”,
I felt old but when I turned 15 I suddenly feel old but young, I look at upperclassman
like they are way older than me but in reality, I am right there with them. I feel old but
yet I feel like a toddler. I can drive next year, but it seems so far, I’ve been dreaming
of that day for my whole life. I can go to dances but for some reason, I just feel out
of place. People say I look really old like I’m 25. But do I? Bc every time I look at
myself, I feel like I still have my baby face. I go to the gym in hopes to get big, to change.
I do get big, and I do change, I look different from when I started, I change every day. But
why don’t I feel different?! Why do I still feel like the same kid that needed his mommy
to do everything for him? Why does age take so long to become familiar before the next

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