Poetry in Transit – Marie Brown

METRO offers people choices. They listen to our voices. Transit improves our quality of life. Shorter commute times, far less strife. Emergency strikes, METRO stands tall. Evacuations, assistance — heeding the call. 3.2 billion in sidewalks and streets. 113 million rides, climb aboard, take a seat. METRO is leading the way toward a better tomorrow and today.

3 thoughts on “Poetry in Transit – Marie Brown

  1. Nice Marie! I don't know why they didn't put your full name on the screen though. If folk want to see a bio and videos of more of Marie Brown's amazing poetry, check out http://moshows.com/marie.html

  2. Get rid of the doo doo laden fabric seat covers, replace them with light blue plastic that can be wiped.

    Yeah man, dig that crazy beat.

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