Poetry: Is this love or pain

welcome to the Poetry Garden I’m your
poet, Katrtina Smith and, I’ll be reciting one of my poem pieces called: is this love or
pain. our hearts are like butterflies without wings they flutter inside the
cages they are in. But, how can a heart break, if our hearts never grew wings?
there are times where I truly feel this heart sink, it’s gets buried deep inside.
Do you ever care about these waterfalls? Can you tell me, if I were to fall, would you
be there to pick me back up because I’m deeply buried in these scar’s. These
tears are stories of my struggles and I’m done with carring on this way. Heart
beat for heart beat, and breath for after breath, this has always been my story. But, it’s surely about to change. These words will become our stitches to healing a
broken heart. So, can I reach out to you, when I
desperately need you because I don’t want to come home.Therefore, keep your heart wide open because I know someday, I will need you.

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