Poetry Journals: The Writer’s Relief Method Will Find Poetry Journals

In 1993 I had the very good fortune of being
in being in one of William Stafford’s last poetry workshops and he gave some really great
advice he said give your poems a good title and make sure you get them out there the world
needs you well that was you know quite a big statement for me and I was just beginning
to send my work out a little bit and then tomorrow would become tomorrow and I really
wouldn’t get that much out there and then a friend told me about Writer’s Relief in
2006 and so I joined them and was surprised that I was getting work accepted I was very
grateful and I learned the other day in a phone conversation that I was one of their
in the top 9 percent of getting acceptances with over 50 of them in the years since I
joined I stopped now and then for reasons of working or being busy and I’m also a teacher
a poetry teacher and a psychotherapist but I always come back because they know how to
target my work and they know where to tell me to send it and I’m very appreciative for
that and so I want to thank them and they’ve helped me put Stafford’s words into action

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  1. Perie Longo is an extraordinary poet. I'd pay close attention to her advice.

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