Poetry: Jurassic

Welcome to the Poetry Garden, I’m your poet Katrina Smith and, I’ll be reciting, one of my poem pieces called: Jurassic. Can we cue the curtains please… there’s
a huge situation on this heart. But, I truly don’t think your ready for this. Every human should feel pain and relief, unless they are a man-made source. I’m not going to hide this any longer, I’m
in a Community that wasn’t by choice, Disability. So, I’m pouring all my heart out as possible… I’m possible. I have seen enough for my age, to really put
an end to this world discrimination amongst, this Community I live in. And shall I tell you why? But, first you’re going to want, to give me
a standing novation for this, I’m just saying. Take a step out of your shoes for a minute,
I mean seriously, remove your shoes and stand bare to the ground. Okay, once you are there, simply closes your
eyes and vision your life, with a disability, any disabilites would do just fine. From school to even finding a job, can you
clearly see that? This is no fun and games, this is really enough
to cause pain. It has caused pain for many, and it sure has. And we had enough of it. Each day we conquer our daily battles, whether
you don’t want to believe us or not, this is our life. We have enough courage and strength, to not
take on anyone’s bull shit. So, for one thing don’t compare your life
against ours. You can walk and breeze right through a door,
with a cheerful grin. And let’s not get this confused… you would
clearly understand, what I meant by this. Days in and days out, phone calls after phone
calls, and not one call back. Damn if we’re trying our hardest, at finding
a job! I can clearly speak through my experience,
Back of the house, to assisting others. And my pay was only felt through the heart. But, my heart can’t pay, for my necessaries. So, I’m waking up figuring out this life… I’m doing everything right. But, yet instill, I have to deal with: the
outside world of people, who’s hearts are not pure, clearly taking advantage. So, I’m working hard on building my own empire… I definitely earned it. And this is what true pain feel like, people
think your vulnerable… I will help each person with kindness of my
heart. But, now it’s time to fly free… I really haven’t done nothing for me.

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