Poetry – Midday Matchup

– Poetry competition. – And uh, it’s
going to get fierce. – It’s going to be a cage match. With poems. – [Announcer] The office
Olympics at lunch time. Silly competitions for
bogus office glory. NWPB present Midday Matchups. – Hi, I’m Anjuli Dodhia, the afternoon
classical music host here at Northwest
Public Broadcasting. – And I’m Thom Kokenge, I’m the All Things
Considered host and producer for Northwest
Public Broadcasting. – And Valentine’s Day was
just a couple weeks ago, got us in the mood
for some poetry. So today we’re going to do a
sort of poetry competition, between the two of us. – That’s right, and
I’m going to win. – No, may the best woman win. (obnoxious laughing) This is my poem,
titled Morning Routine. A light appears on the horizon, a new day dawns, time
to spring from bed. And yet, the house
a monster flies in, a zombie alike to
Dawn of the Dead. With stumbling step and
stagger closer tread, limbs stiff outstretched,
a promise of pains. All thoughts are
gone, all courage fled in that vacant gaze,
imagined moan of brains. It reaches forward,
ice in my veins. Is this the end? Am I to be squashed like a bug? But no, the creature past
me and upward strains to the kitchen
cupboard for a mug? Ah, twas not an
undead’s choreography, but merely human
before her coffee. (jazzy music) – Poems about Winter,
by Thom Kokenge. The first one is a
haiku entitled, Brr. Who turned down the heat? Winter is lasting too long. Crawling back in bed. The other one is titled, Winter. Winter, winter. (sigh) Winter. Spring is not yet here. Summer, but a distant memory. Tire chains on my car. Make sure you vote below
for the best poems. – And keep an eye
on your Facebook for the next Midday Matchup. (growling) (dramatic music)

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