Poetry Night Rap (Clip) | Poetry Scam | 101 Dalmatian Street

[Applause] what if I mess up to see you to me then here we'll start together okay clouds are spots way at a high if you just see spots you missed the sky clouds are just the closest part the sky beyond is endless dark in that dark is endless stars just see spots you miss the mark [Applause] do your freestyle from earlier that's the poetry

22 thoughts on “Poetry Night Rap (Clip) | Poetry Scam | 101 Dalmatian Street

  1. Dolly looks like my first fursona only as a dog instead of a cat

  2. I don't want to rag on this show too hard, but sometimes the voices of the characters aren't loud enough for me to understand. Maybe it's that they don't enunciate well enough? Either way I really have a hard time deciphering the audio in the show…

  3. 0:35 nani?!? Roxie and now Hansel? Holy Disney has the ideas…

  4. Dolly's got the theme goin on!! She along with Dylan never ceases to amaze me. Dolly and Dylan for the win

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