Poetry Out Loud: Announcement of the 2019 Winners

It’s been such a wonderful evening
celebrating poetry with you all. Haven’t these students been amazing? It is now my
immense pleasure to announce the results of the Poetry Out Loud 2019 competition.
Drum roll, please. In third place, winning an award of $5,000,
Alejandro J Campo from Georgia. In second place, winning an award of
$10,000, Scottlynn Ernestine Ballard from Illinois. And the 2019 National Champion of Poetry Out Loud, winner of $20,000, the senior Isabella
Callery from Minnesota! [Music] Congratulations to our new National
Champion and all the fine competitors that we saw tonight. I’ve had a
wonderful time with you this evening. I invite you to learn more about Poetry
Out Loud and how you can get involved at Poetryoutloud.org. Next year will be
the 15th anniversary of Poetry Out Loud and we cannot wait to celebrate with you
all. I’d now like to welcome the judges and the state arts agency representatives
of our nine finalists to join us on stage for photos and to the rest of you
have a wonderful night and thank you for being here with us.

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