Poetry Out Loud in Michigan: 2019-20

-My own dear love, he is strong! -It’s not just
reciting a poem it’s like being a poem. -The world has marched along… -Poetry is a
wonderful example of the human story. It’s what connects us together. -Possibly more than one person? -When you’re thinking about your emotions and more why you
feel them, that’s when you’re getting into poetry. -It’s a really good medium to
try and show emotions I didn’t know I really felt before. -What kind of delusion are you under? -Conquering limbs astride from land to land. -Poetry Out Loud is a way for
young poets to get used to performing. To tell stories, emotions. -Their image of hope, it was offered to me by name. -I’m excited to hear other people read. -The mountains kiss high heavens in the waves… -I want to see like
what their spin is on it. -It unlocks ourselves on a personal level and it
opens us up with each other as human beings. -Entire stories and lifetimes
are contained in poems. -Right here in the back. I just really dig poetry, I think it’s a
really rad way of people to like share their emotions, through words. -I memorized Keats, and then I was Poet Laureate! (laughter) -Life… what is it? -Humanities means caring about other people that aren’t yourself. -What if he didn’t own a house … or worse. -I lift my lamp beside the golden door. (applause)
– Congratulations, Grace Garver! (airplane roaring) I’m most excited about meeting other
people that have the same passion that I do. Thank you National Endowment for the
Humanities! Thank you National Endowment for the Arts! Thank you Meijer! Thank you
Poetry Foundation! Thank you Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs! Thank You Liesel Litzenberger Meijer Fund! Thank you Michigan Humanities! If we don’t have the arts what else do we have? -We have walked in love’s land a little way. -For students to be able to find pieces
that they connect to and express that through their readings of those pieces….
that’s kind of why I got into the business in the first place. (cheering) (relaxing music)

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