Poetry Out Loud, In Their Own Words

my name is amber rose johnson and i'm from Providence Rhode Island I'm at the national mall today because myself and two other poetry aloud champions are going to be reciting in a little while under the poetry pavilion I'm going to be reciting the piece I did last in the national competition which got to my first place which is for my people by margaret walker and it just portrayed such a beautiful image of the african-american community and i always want to carry a positive image with with me wherever i go to a site and at the end of the home it's just so uplifting and so empowering i had to do now what it's been up to since you won the National Poetry Out Loud finals now that you're a national finals haha my life has been out Doyle World when poetry has completely taken over it's all I do now and I absolutely love it I worked with Marianne Hoberman for a week united states children's poet laureate there's possibilities that might be starting my walk after the order augmentin all over the nation so exciting it's changed my life and I would do it all over again if I thought when I first started poetry out loud I like poetry but it wasn't my passion and doing a competition like this will absolutely change your life even if you don't become national champion just being in that environment with other students who are passionate about the same things that you're passionate about it's an amazing experience you learn about poetry you'll learn about yourself and I would definitely want to find your percent recommend I'm world with them I'm from Bangor Maine I went to high school and a bank or high and not a freshman at Harvard so what advice would you give a student who you know it's not maybe the biggest poetry fan but they've heard about poetry out loud and what would you say to them I'd say just go for it because the thing I really like about poetry is that anyone from excited anyone can beat it I really like accessible poetry I think everyone it should be shared like it's like a resource that everyone can use so you know like find a poem you like try reading it aloud year so think about what the themes of the palomar the mortals you know small goes over I'm reciting dong jung-ho subpoena councils donya concepts yawn before entering sears by maurice cahuenga vada which is this really it's pretty funny actually it's like half in Spanish and half in English and like it makes you have but there's also this deeper moral to the phone we're basically it's two Hispanic women talking about going to they're going to sears and they're they're a little scared because there were previously some some robbers that went into the store who also spoke Spanish so these expand equipmen are afraid of speaking Spanish because they don't be identified these men and you know the pump can be very humorous but it also has that underlying meaning like wow like you know there's definitely some discrimination going on these people are afraid to use their own language how does it go from Maine and body to Hispanic women um good question you use a high voice and use an accent my mom is Italian so Italian you know i can speak italian italian similar to spanish i don't have a terrible accent you know it's sort of a universal archetype like a stupid soon hello my name is Yusuf Diez I'm from Auburn High School in Auburn Alabama I'm going to be recited business Praetorian by sharon olds and playing dead by Andrew chuckles and I chose mrs. Krikorian last year because it really spoke to me as a student who used to be mowed unquote bad and then was sort of saved by ginger and playing dead by Andrew Hendrix is just a very fun poem by an alabamian last year was my first year and it was actually the first year for our high school my English teacher very involved he really loves poetry likes to mikes for students to discover poetry in his class and he introduced poetry out loud to us me headed at our school they organized the whole contest and encourage students to join immense that's what I did not surprised and shocked that I wanted had it brought us so far but it is very happy to how things turned out I would tell anyone who's interested in public speaking or the art of performance of storytelling that this is a program for them it's not just about poetry it's also sort of dramatic and fascinating to see someone tell a story and to be part of that is really very interesting

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