Poetry Pieces – An identity Suppressed | Afraz Khan

look at Afraz look I need you to stop and
listen I need you to stop and look at me please just stop and look at me. If the
whole world would have gather to benefit you at something would it force you
to change your narrative? If the whole world were to gather to harm you with
something would it force you to change your narrative? Well then tell it like it
is man. Why do you think God is sufficient as a witness? I’m standing here before you February 27 2016 but if you wanted to research my soul fold me
up under a microscope to study the effects of filthy bigotry people in their rigidity
you could cite sources back my 2007 and I swear to God
these experiences are more than just the footnotes that our society makes them
they say your childhood shapes the person that you become but some are
shapeless because the scars just don’t connect a teenager in middle school
searching for a social clique I wanted to fit in with the right clique but I
was abusive with my right-click because I kept cutting and pasting parts of
myself hoping something would stick I once highlighted my religion do I regret it it’s 11:30 a.m. I walk into class we’re
learning science but I’m telling you I shouldn’t have worn my watch that day
it’s 11:45 a.m. I start feeling a little warm but I’m telling you I shouldn’t
have worn my watch that day it’s 11:55 a.m. I start dozing off 12 p.m. strikes
and the watch starts to beep and a kid yells to my face from across the room
“watch out he’s got a bomb!” do you know what it’s like to force yourself to chuckle as your teeth are clinched tighter than the fist you have ready to
punch ignorance in the face when you’re sitting in a sea of laughter and all
you can see are the tears forming over your eyes knowing that the religion that
you thought you knew is now the reason why your time watch is now a time
bomb yes the religion that was supposed to give you your identity is now the cause
of your identity crisis eight years later I’m talking
to you eight years later that kid our schools our society we’re still a part of
a sick and twisted game we’ve become gluttonous with the media we consume, digesting stereotypes biased perspectives any information we can get our hands on
we chow down sound byte by byte and so like stomachs our minds become
over-satiated our minds become over-satiated not knowing how to digest
the truth from falsehood and any power to utilize our own bodily functions to
analyze understand and critique becomes numbed as we succumb to the whips I’m
telling you it’s the whips of the people we so blindly follow without question so
when I see multiple black males getting shot and killed in the streets I’ll
start thinking that their race is the issue when Latino immigrants are
portrayed as savages that have no value as humans and our youth will start
thinking that the number of walls on that border is the issue when members of
the lgbt+ community are not considered like normal humans then by God are my
kids going to start thinking that they aren’t worthy of existence and when I
hear filthy reports that 80% of US mosques are sources of radicalization I
start fearing I fear what this media wants me to fear I fear what these
bigots want me to fear that my own brothers and sisters in faith the same
brothers and sisters with whom I put my forehead on the ground to submit to Allah (God – The Almighty, The Majestic) are now out to kill me and my loved ones
what kind of sick and twisted game is We’re all gathered here souls of
all origins so just to get to learn the uncensored true narrative of a soul
unlike yours means to start breaking away from the system of manipulation I’m
talking going from fabrications to truth and revelations standing in solidarity
not just against injustice but against a lack of desire for justice and I want to
end with this my Lord commands me verse 4:135 He says “stand out firmly for
justice as witnesses to God be it against yourselves
your family or your kin… stand out firmly for justice as witnesses to God be it
against yourselves your family or your kin be they rich or poor because God is
a better protector to both so don’t follow the whims of your heart unless
you’re seeking to avoid justice if I’m not upholding justice to the highest of
my values then the issue doesn’t start with the world around me the issue
starts with the heart that needs healing within me

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