Poetry Pieces – Soulless for Syrian Refugees | Afraz Khan

Soul’s relationship with 1) God
classify under “impatient” (The following is an English translation of the Muslim ritual prayer): God is greater I seek refuge in God from Satan, the accursed devil In the Name of God – the most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to God – the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. You alone we worship, You alone we ask for help. Guide us to the right path, the same path of those you have blessed with your Grace and not the path of those who angered You or went astray. Ameen. (Chapter 103): By Time, indeed man is in lost. Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds and enjoin others towards truth and patience. God is Greater Glory be to God, the most Great. Glory be to God, the most Great. Glory be to God, the most Great. God listens to those who praise him. Our Lord, praise be to You. God is Greater Glory be to God, the Most High. Glory be to God, the Most High. Glory be to God, the Most High. ….Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. (end of prayer) Oh God, please help those in Syria. Soul’s relationship with 2) Others
classify under “subservient” is necessary it’s all about the moment
right because I’m a momentary socially existed emissary so gather round friends
I’m seeking your attention gather round friends I am seeking your attention let
my name be mentioned I’m a feels themself a sentient intention in the
soul of ignore put it on hold because I hold the internal blindfold
that please look external be and reaffirm that I’m happy because I’m
concerned and I’m rooted in your opinion my soul less the Dominion this tongue is
my listen I speak for your bliss dismissed as heartless please tell me
tell me do I exist please tell me do I exist please tell me do I exist any form
of validation I’ll submit to the creation right or wrong no hesitation
I’ll do it for exaltation why do you think I’m standing here souls
relationship with number three my self classified under
hallo I’m a refugee within my own body seeking to escape the persecution of a
soul that has become hard like a shell I think to perfect my external being for
you you and you but from within I am hollow so go ahead swallow another
pill it’s still internal desolation contemplation self relations no
foundation I am frustration so when I sit alone
when I try to pray on my own when I try to think on my own I quickly lose focus
I couldn’t lose touch knowing God focuses solely on my soul is not enough
thinking so less I go back to to others go ahead and check that last Facebook
post count the lifes one by one people push up your ego rise up like the Sun
and a few more seconds of happiness and crash down undone and the cycle of
oppression repeats for everyone Souls relationship with them before the
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him classified under detached a hollow soul
cannot hold anything beyond the immediate cannot internalize a love for
others what does it say about my prophet of God do I think he was just someone
who was kind to others or my role model who knew that the soul should also his
love for one God that made him conscious he has a soul for the purified estreet
compassionate support to others in order to strengthen his own three self for he
could care less about the transitory well-being of himself shut the ego below
the ground you want to care for others that base yourself earth-bound so that
when a woman shunned by society mentally unstable disabled like how we show those
who are disabled seeks the help of the Prophet quote I have the need of you the
Prophet peace be upon him responds sit in any Street of the city as you wish
and I will sit with you until I could fill your need love for
those up close love but though was even further away seamlessly as you would
raise himself up by sitting himself down in spaces of people so poor that they
were reduced to using each other’s bodies as shields against their own
nakedness my external being sees repulsiveness for his internal soul saw
a lack of love and friendliness a man who would feed others to feed his own
soul so when he sees a day on the ground picks it up and cleans it offers it to
his companion the man disgusted politely refuses I don’t desire it and the
Prophet peace be upon him responds for you it’s a matter of desire for days
have passed the not a single morsel of food has entered my stomach please tell
me what have I done with my soul souls relationship with number 5 the refugees
of the Middle East classified under non-existent my soul fails to love fails
to hold on to anything what does it say about my relationship with the 2,000
refugees seeking to escape to the shores of Greece my external being only
recollecting their oppression when seeking a source of peace of that only
when I experienced the slightest bit of decrease I turned to them yeah they
don’t really have it that well it should be grateful internal tension decreased
the stories forgotten and ceased my internal soul remains deceased for years
so go ahead and frogs go ahead and tell them tell the mother handing over her
eight month old to a stranger as she departs from a water raft that you’ve
successfully utilized her story as a means to impress those around you go
ahead and tell the family forced to scrape their young ones against the
barbed wire as they seek to escape deeper into the depths of your
that you will only remember that today and today alone go ahead tell all the
Syrian refugees a 4.6 million of them that you’ll forever value your
egocentric God impatient self-absorbed self go ahead and tell the whole world
apprise tell them that your soulless

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  1. Wow. So meaningful, so much emotion. You get better with every post, MashAllah. May Allah swt protect you. Thank you for continuously producing and speaking the truth especially for those whose voices cannot be heard alone. All of your words have so much meaning. Very mindful content. More power to you!! Really loving all of these!! I’m literally your biggest fan 😭 keep it up inshAllah!!!

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