Poetry Reading: Alma Flor Ada reads poem about being bilingual – “Bilingual” (English and Spanish)

My name is Alma Flor Ada. Being bilingual has been in the most enriching aspect of my life. It has allowed me to retain and share the legacy of my family and also to interact with my extended family, where both English and Spanish are the language spoken. I’m going to share with you a poem that I have written about being bilingual. “Bilingual” Because I speak Spanish I can listen to my grandmother stories and say familia madre amor. Because I speak English I can learn from my teacher and say I love school. Because I am bilingual I can read libros and books I have amigos and friends enjoy canciones and songs where juegos and games and have twice as much fun and someday because I speak two languages I will be able to do twice as much to help twice as many people and be twice as good in what I do. And now And now, the poem in Spanish. “Billingue” “Por que hablo espanol puedo escuchar los cuentos de abuelita y decir familia madre amor por que hablo ingles puedo aprender de mi maestra y decir I love school porque soy billingue puedo leer libros y books tener amigos y friends desfruto canciones y songs juegos y games y mi divierto el doble y algun dia por que hablo dos idiomas podria hacer dobles fuerzo para ayudar al doble de personas y ere todo el doble de bien.” Muchas gracias.

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