Poetry reading at Literary Sala, Bella's Artes, San Miguel de Allende.

it seems in this town no one is ever ready for dreams no one ever knows when the great sky world will run over our heads washing our dreams blue today was the first one of many brands children in Mussoorie kimchi fountain water forced water as troops encounter offerings of sound become bright water we Wanderers with ears and our hearts fear questions it is meditation first his body only to break open names and faces I wonder if the people stood in this room no answer does not mean answer wrong answer it means get white it means in the heart of the heart there's a certainty Amelia pond a trust that means truth is advice reports to make a point what has two observers often variable T as when they stand at the top of the tallest plants are servos to make a point one has to wait patiently waiting for the truth to balance what has to stare at them gently standing and sitting standing and sitting present embroidered eyes and ears and heartbeat threatened until the truth dance with us something's going to come as interest being carried away by the rioters some dudes who stay quiet blurring the distinction of who's the one that is bringing some branches who come to the dance with a motion and some who prefer to stretch tall until touching the past until humans transfers to make a point

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