Poetry Recording, Arielle Cottingham: Define Easy (podcast)

Light skinned black people have it so easy. Define easy. Easy like, can I touch your hair. As if you’ve never seen a head of curls so
alien, you have to touch it to comprehend its existence. Easy like, you’ll never play Lady MacBeth. That hair and that skin, you’ll play a lot
of best friends and servants. Easy like family calls you white girl when
they don’t want your opinion. Easy like, white people still call you black. Easy like imposter syndrome on both sides. Easy like check only one box. Easy like, are you adopted, coz you don’t
look at all like your mum. Easy like, are you sure you’re not Mexican,
coz every little spicy Latina gotta be Mexican. Easy like half-breed, two-tone, mutt, bleached or maloto, meaning mule, with the implication that white parent is horse and black parent is donkey. Easy like, can’t take a joke. Easy like, define cultural appropriation as
the token ethnic in the room. Easy like, you are cultural appropriation. Easy like lucky little house nigger. Easy like white enough for masters quarters. Easy like lady of the house hates you. Easy like, why you dating another white boy? Easy like, too much history for one person
to contain. Easy like no history when you’re sitting in
a classroom. Easy like whitewashed pretty, black men like. Easy like, where the white women at? Easy like, close enough. Easy like, affirmative action policies. Easy like, close enough. Easy like, isolated, angry, always battling,
never allied, privilege, well. Well, privilege does make things easier for us light skinned black people. But somewhere, someone confused easier for

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