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In Delhi, at the end of a long day’s work as temperatures drop under 40 degrees Delhites are drawn towards the greenery and cool lakes Especially here, at the artificial lake of the popular Hauz Khas Monument. Though the lake is not fit for swimming it is a lovely place to lose yourself in and witness the sunset. As evening turns into night, the footfall at Hauz Khas picks up as well. What Schanze is to the people of Hamburger, Schwabingen is to the people of Munich, and Alstadt is to the people of Dusseldorf, Hauz Khas Village is where Delhi’s party crowd descends to. It is the epicenter of the capital’s nightlife, with countless restaurants and music clubs. On this evening, however, we won’t be focusing on the turntables, but on spoken word artists performing at Delhi Poetry Slam’s Youth Edition. I woke up with your memories I went to sleep dreaming of you Poetry Slam is a kind of performance poetry competition where performers have just about 3 minutes to put forward their point of view and personal experiences. Delhi Poetry Slam’s events have been taking place in the capital for over two years. But this time, only poets under 25 years are allowed to perform on the DelSlam stage. We want to bring young people to the stage and encourage them to express their thoughts and ideas in a safe and non-judgemental environment. The aim is to bring performance arts to the community in a chaotic city like Delhi. This young woman talks about the risks of falling in love. She wishes that Cupid’s Arrow came with a warning advice on it. And that life still goes on. This poetry event also offers space for musicians and other performers. And how! Lyrics about pain, life and love. What else? But not all poets stick to intimate themes and personal introspection. So we talk about gay rights, feminism and gender has played a crucial role at poetry slams. Poets talk about how it is to be a woman in India. How it is for people from the Northeast, in a city which is discriminatory. This young girl is not from India. She is from Tibet. And she doesn’t really feel at home anywhere, and is expressing her frustration through the spoken word. The audience appreciates the performances and enthusiastically applauds the artists. After the show, the guests head out to the neighbouring clubs where the revelry continues. But just not in verses anymore. The night is far from over.

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  1. I like that singing ! BT the song was unknown to me .. Still singing was appreciable 🙂

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