Poetry Submission Guidelines: Writer’s Relief Client C.W. Emerson On Poetry Submission Guidelines

Hi I’m Chris Emerson and I’m a featured writer
at Writer’s Relief I’m very happy to have the chance to tell you how much I appreciate
their services when I started with them less than 2 years ago I had very little poetry
experience despite studying with great teachers in Los Angeles I never submitted for publication
and since I’ve been with them I’ve been published in 7 or 8 good publications without them this
would not be happening because I simply don’t have the time or the capacity really to check
out all the available journals and opportunities for publication but thanks to these guys at
Writer’s Relief I haven’t had to think about it all I have to think about is the writing
I leave the rest to them and if anybody’s interested in pursuing a career as a poet
short story writer and the time and the inclination to do the actual legwork is not
something that you are able to do check out Writer’s Relief it’s an investment and it’s
really worth it

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