Poetry Thursday – Responsibility+Reaper (From Extracted By SDE)

knowledge is responsibility and facts the way someone moves and acts but I laid awake wondering even there to say I laid pondering do all souls go to the light or bigot darkness is there than the night pitter-patter go to Joseph rain like happiness and pain droplets into the sky floating high or droplets in the deep dark ocean goodbye clouds can rain down but if you're too deep down you can't come back depression death life happiness soul seemed to blur yet I do concur and when I fall asleep when I fall in love when I fall of a steep cliff when I fall and it is rough or when this love it is never enough the curse of knowledge is a blessing in disguise having to hide the truth because people can only handle lies holding the cards gives you control and with a collection such a size and one can help you when you hit a wall that I saw to read for people unfair the Grim Reaper but people never think deeper he expects the souls from bodies coming undone what would happen if he hadn't done the souls would be stuck forever more but the clothes they lost war saucy things in contrast black and white they see light where people see night he can only visualize places they remember well enough which when you get shot in the head can be a rather tough Luba gives the debt his love he is not grim he's not dog he's the one who dares to embark who dares to deal with the impending doom of many souls he is the death keeper he is the mercy Reaper

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