Poetry| Welcome Again.

Welcome again dear friend. It’s been quite sometime without you. While you’ve been gone I did pretty great
with life, My academics soared, my relationships strengthened
themselves. And I’ve grown more confident,
I am never afraid to speak my mind. I learned how to travel alone and getting
lost didn’t scare me anymore. I could speak over phone and it did not make
me lose my mind. I embraced my family and I spent hours talking
about absolutely nothing. Sometimes mum gets mad but I was happy. Sleep used to find me and food and I were
almost best friends. But since you’ve decided to come back and I don’t know
how to tell you away, I don’t know what will make you go,
What will make you leave, I made a list of things I want to ask you,
I hope you don’t mind. Here it goes. When late at night the sleep does not come
my way, when the nights seem dreadful
and I feel helpless, I just want you to go a little easy on me. I want you to hold back the
“you’re good for nothing” and
“you’ll never achieve anything in life”. When my relations get harder to carry
and my people walk back feeling helpless and guilty,
I want you to hold back your “it’s better if you end it, end your life
you’re just not worth it.” When my mother says the tinest thing
and I snap back please hold the words that I will later regret. When everything comes crumbling down again,
please wrap me up in a blanket of slight confidence and serve me a hot cup of dignity. When the crowd becomes the monster it once
always was, just be gentle on the shield of nervousness
you cast over me. Oh depression,
I wish I had a choice of choosing. Because you’ve been gone a long time
And I learned how to be happy. But I will fight back
So please don’t go crazy on me.

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  1. When I downloaded Tinder, I did not expect actually getting to hear such good poetry through it

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