Poetry ( Where I once lived ) Spoken word

I once lived in a house build with drunk stones and murky bedsheets for lightning was a least of my
worries and the arachnid belt stings were but mellow
raindrops shadowing my every feel of discolorations iSuppli light weight
classes real murderers and to the incarceration to get that
left me alone only by German Shepherd and like i on
the Leo to attend to my first kiss was much for a watcher
transfer lips her fragrance was assault free essence it was needed on our sunday
dress that she was four times a week I remember seeing clouds but never
laughing watching death never cried protest was introduced to me just yet generator but just another fly on a spider’s web
never seem to know I remember demyans dancing in my credit shaped like teddy
bears without years covered polskin in the morning I would wake up
to the smell of gunpowder shit stain scattered and mister slum partisan heavy
breathing once last week that smile trade have changed another final
disappearing he had a lot of magicians and a solid Lil wayne they made a lot of people abracadabra after
a bruno mars with a machete lines and their strobel firecrackers no one ever check for money closing which is taking in every and say thank you they were just make
the givers fake what had already belong to some upright
HELP for help ass shaking most-watched most of my people had no manners sort of like my neighbors who use to dollar animal skulls of our backyard damn little dots they were funny people they celebrate Halloween everyday I guess it was our favorite
holiday or something I slip my mother my daddy was and three uncles my mom to never contact
castro from my nap I mister it’s okay to she came back justin beiber five years later people ask me who my
father was I simply said what’s that

29 thoughts on “Poetry ( Where I once lived ) Spoken word

  1. Good work babes.. or shall I say excellent.. keep up the good work very proud of you..

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words everyone, I gottafeelingism, What is your facebook name?

  3. Orlando your passion and truth sends chills down my spine…LOVE YOU for keeping your sanity!This Sexycuban1……….LOvES YOU TO DEATH♥

  4. excellent video and delivery poet truly enjoyed this and am now subscribed and sharing!! YOU NEED TO BE HEARD! Keep on Penning 🙂 TY

  5. Great job, beautifully spoken! Your words stained the mind with vivid details like ink on a page. Loved it!

  6. The best thing is he went through all that evil and didn't go to that road he found a good alternative which was poetry my name is Brian Allen Clark

  7. I love how your words stick with me and resnonate with me this is truly amazing and spoke to my heart and pulled me in instead of pushing me away

  8. Your spoken poetry was a verbal splashing remeniscent of a surreal paint by salvador dali!

    I dig like a shovel to a well homie! Keep inspired continue dropping cool poetic jazz to our eyes and ears!

  9. This reminds me of my grandfather, and how he was raised. I like this a lot.

    Zach Malpensado

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