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– Hello, my name is Savannah Brown. I make YouTube videos,
and I’m also a poet, and I’m gonna read a
couple poems that I’ve written from my new book!
It’s all very exciting. I’m gonna read two, and these are both new
ones, because I’ve performed a couple on my YouTube, but I
haven’t performed these ones before, so I’ll just do those then. The first one is called
I’ve Woken Up Elsewhere. I love that color of the sky, that color of the sky
triggered by puffy eyes and dry mouth and broken clock, empty docks and harbors
haloed by that kind of pulsing purple sky,
the color of the sky in between a world apart
in a world so recognizable on your bookshelves and night stands. Drawers filled with
toothbrushes and chapstick illuminated by a yellow sky and leather-bound journals that are only filled up to the second page. I know I probably won’t write in this as often as I’d like. That color of the sky,
green radioactive sky saccarine sapphire sky, red roses, pink sky, red and pink don’t go well together most days,
but a red pink rose sky doesn’t care about fashion really. Visions of small town Americana, quiet woving chatter. Ticking beat from somewhere, boiling feet and sticky pillow. Open damp windowsill. I feel like I’ve slept for my entire life, and have awoken in the gaze
of an oozing orange sky. Where am I? Earth doesn’t feel like this. And that’s the poem. – [Voiceover] Love it. Do we clap? – No, you snap. You do snaps. (snapping) Very good. – [Voiceover] May wanna
keep that in actually. – And here’s another one, also that I haven’t performed before that I wrote kinda for my parents. Well, not kinda for my parents,
I wrote it for my parents. It’s called Heirlooms. My mother taught me that love is a sense. Best enjoyed at arms length, like a too loud sound or a too hot heat. Heartache hurts because it burns, though she also taught me that feeling things too much is what keeps you alive. I’ve got malleable bones, and
I could loosen up for you. My father taught me that
sometimes the happiness of others sits lighter on your eyelashes at night than your own. My father taught me the importance of a firm handshake and
unwavering confidence to your speech, and possessing the ability to make the strangers in the room feel as though they’ve known you for years. My father taught me
that the hands of anyone who touches me should be gentle, and my mother taught me that
if they are not I should slice them off with the
blade my father gave me that I keep underneath my tongue. My mother taught me to not be afraid to be a shout amongst whispers and to be unapologetic for the noise. This is still something I’m learning. My mother taught me that if her presence feels like a grenade, then so does mine. My parents taught me that
some things do not age, especially the space behind your eyes. And that’s a poem. – [Voiceover] Lovely. – Snap. snap, snap. (snapping) It’s really nice. Book’s called “Graffiti And Other Poems”. I wrote it, Ed Stockham illustrated it. There are almost 30 poems in here I think all illustrated really nice. Yeah, it’s good stuff. You can get at savbrown.com. Plug, good.

7 thoughts on “Poetry With Savannah Brown || We The Unicorns

  1. Very beautiful, you've inspired me to try to read my own poems on you-tube at some point. Thank you 🙂

  2. Savannah has been my favorite youtuber lately. We're the same age and the things she says in her videos/ her poetry help me feel like i'm not crazy. Thank you for featuring her on this channel; it'd be lovely if more people watched her videos and knew about her poetry.

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