Poets, Geniuses, & Scholars Video

There’s an important lesson I learned from my improv comedy days that I think is really applicable to authors, whether you’re an educator or an entertainer, and that is to treat your readers like poets, geniuses, and scholars. What does that mean? Well, that means that don’t assume that a reader is dumb. Don’t assume that a customer is bad. Don’t assume that someone is just stupid and won’t understand you. You need to treat the people that you interact with, other authors, readers, like poets, geniuses, and scholars, it’s an old Del Close line, because then that is what they will become. So don’t talk down to the people that you’re connecting with in the author world. Don’t be a jerk. Assume that everyone is just amazing and brilliant, and that doesn’t mean use long words for the heck of it, it just means treat them like they have the opportunity to understand something epic and interesting and cool. And I really try to think like everybody that I connect with as the people I’m trying to serve, not I’m trying to get something out of them, or that I’m just trying to trick them. The fact that I believe that it’s important to treat your readers like these geniuses means that you can’t really trick people. You just have to be open, you have to be honest, and you have to give them the opportunity to grow and learn through the work that you put out, because I think that is what’s gonna make more of a difference than anything else you do.

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