46 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall – Choice Millionaire (Behind the Scenes)

  1. 1:42,43 gesture u don't know.. that means bless for bliss to others.. which has chosen to right one..

  2. When I'm down and asleep and put my in sub coma stste

  3. They wait until I go to sleep and pull my spirit realm out of me and beat the cheap out of me

  4. In my early. Years this is worse then when I'm younger

  5. I am 48 years old in dates stuff and I'm extremely tired all the time

  6. There no such thing as space ship in my life any more only super natural

  7. I'm extremely tired and when I go tobbedv and wake up in more tired thenvuslall

  8. Binge seven binge all Marilyn Manson. But I still feel tired through it all can you hear it the said stop it now that a order

  9. There many videos that in very thank you for black white and grey
    Y coma

  10. And use castle of glass from link in parkbpardise through withbtemp shot in the dark with in re n o five finger foobpunch wrong side of heaven

  11. Thrd day of a s Marilyn Manson veryy power full story if you watch videos and see my vision I'm a walking horror freak show producer and dir. Of my own night mares love little Nikki Linn narrovo Jr your little Kat/turd Oct 17 2018

  12. 1 period inter daughter med so3e20 tonight loving you skyfalls kill for me

  13. Women fighting over who more pooukar or beautiful or who right and wrong getting strange cars and limo and wonder why they get attacked may be yo should look at you self in the mirror in that one house and see your self may be you finfd.you would die for money lust for. Clothes and kill for fortune and that not human .

  14. If you eant to commit suicide and be slut were nmean offer beautiful thing as you see it keep me outvof it I don't want to be involved in you insobornation stuff I see thibg through the eye of lust greed and jealous and it not right

  15. Hello I'm Adele I don't or not James bo nd guiding angel wife I don't go killing people but you expect me to. You brinf me to you r ho use and exp ext me to to react to it. I sir in a dark corner well you attack each other and end up killing once if you want archest Michael drenlim then have I don't want it if you want to. Be li me manaics and kill each other i don t need to see it if you want look like slut and act like one I don't need to know it or see it in not a quby doll and sit around and not act upon it. I go to you heir house and see all these hues and expect not be disguised wit it

  16. You come in to my life with not open arms but open book of you life of personality that dont wamt or need. I don't need you offer and don't want your coffers I live through life of love and compassion. Not passion of lust greed and death

  17. I'm not as robot but could be a manquinn. I dont have e anything to offer you but you offer me so much more with you personal life

  18. Hello my name is Adele don't ask for my last name because I don't know it don t ask for my I'd I don't havevone. My existsince exsist. To some. People but not to all I will not tell you a bed time story because I don't havevthem

  19. He now has the signature I was going offer just the cammader ship but he too k everything instead

  20. Since 1930 im evil connection no t bonicali man or 5e actors

  21. Dearest encontoa motlioon known as me bro sis bintocle you king is not very happy right know remember he the ghost rider and you nephew and bro is the photom

  22. King Solomon found out some hoarding new on his part only

  23. Dign lanuage is my language. Love little nikki linn narrovo jr you littlr turd

  24. Im eaf from being brain damage. So the thing is i have. To give you something becausevi heard you partly deaf iam a eef mute me lord put my ears sense in my eyes and my eyes sense in my ears and ny nose where. My motonyis is anfd my mictobyia where my nortoyia. Is. Now the funny part is turn up the music volume and hear ehat people say and listen some. One turn it down i cant here any thing and then yu reply i cant hear any thing either thatvwhy iuse sign language some peolevuse spanish and sone to glaick and germanybi dont soeakenglish so i use dign lsnguage in stead

  25. There were supposed to get the new shaaqurisa up because I failed to step up my game

  26. Btw shaquria was not suppose get nothing else matter I wrote that a long time ago and melltilca got with I'm glad

  27. I thought deg and cheau and help with the den stuff and may be one day shamee could help when he got older and skunaman could be his guardian their guardian

  28. Yes to raise money for the 15 element hope get there wymbloeew tribe club up abnd running through the boy scout and girl scout through the black crows

  29. I did sponcer ship and thing like that. Fun raiser and thing now the foundation are yours

  30. Now ozuna never northern express or nickel back never that you stuff not mine coloration team never that capital records and skylark entertainment and ticket master stuff I never went through thatvthrpugh David bowie or. Sin is Stephenson

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