32 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall – Daze (Behind the Scenes) [Part 1 of 2]

  1. This is a cool supernatural band. Except for one thing, they're singing about me from 50bvyears ago? I as a child had just finished watching superman. Then I dawned a cape( towel) got up on the top of a dresser drawer and performed The Perfect Near Fatal Head Long Dive. It blackened both my eyes and my forehead was black for a couple of weeks. I bet these guys are very spiritual.

  2. Them when the say stuff the the then up and some one Else while slepping

  3. What happen if summons a withering witch or a min on that pilulks sport out of peopkecwho don t listen to

  4. The video is awesome. The make up/fx artists is awesome. POTF is awesome. Great job on the video.

  5. I keep expecting him to sound Finnish, but he almost sounds American.

  6. Wow, he almost sounds American here lol. Are there any "z" or "ler" sounds in Finnish? He only had an accent when producing these sounds.

  7. Yes, your every-day self. Unless when you speak you look like the Joker, then yeah.

  8. I've never heard him speaking before and holy shit his voice is waaay deeper than I imagined.

  9. Now that we have the video and after seeing this, I have to emphasize even more strongly how good an actor Marko is. The make-up and costume are the same in the teaser and the video and still he looks like two totally different people in both of them. When he's playing the mischievous harlequin in the video he completely transforms himself, regardless of the make-up, costume, scenery and all the rest. Chapeau!

  10. Is it me, or does Marko's dialect make him sound like he is American?

  11. Damn it, man, I got such a man crush on you. 😀 You guys rock as always! Can hardly wait for the full album to be released.

  12. уже завтра релиииз) жду не дождусь
    I love you,Poets of the  Fall!

  13. Как же я жду 22 августа 🙂  Надеюсь (да в принципе уверен), что и синг и клип получатся отменными 🙂

  14. I'm so excited for this! Look at all the fire!!
    And you're coming to the UK! I'm so happy!!! Friday can't come fast enough!

  15. I keep rewatching the video just because im addicted to the music playing. FRIDAY, COME ALREADY!!!

  16. So looking forward for this.. I've been a big fan for like 9 years now 😀 one day hopefully I'll be able to see one of your concerts

  17. The music in the background sounds a bit like 'The Distance'.. Or am I the only one??

  18. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! ♥


  19. Marko has a touch of excellency!! He is always unique, poetic, not only in his songs but his way of dressing, and talking. POTF FOR LIFE!!! WE WANT JEALOUS GODS NOW!!!!! <3

  20. I'm super exited for Daze single and Jealous Gods album as well! I didn't recognize Marco at first, but he looks fabulous here! _ Damn, give me the video already! 😀

  21. Ahhh,can't wait to hear the song and watch the video!! Unique as always!~

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