1. Definitely not a fan of their newer music. They lost all originality with it, to sound as generic as possible. Even the lyrical flow seems to have taken a hit. But, in any case, I'm happy to see more Poets Of The Fall stuff going around. I would love to see more reactions to them from you and others.

  2. So am I the only one that got a Lady in Red vibe at the beginning? 🤣😂 That was really good. And that dude has a helluva voice too.

  3. I would recommend reacting to their other music video from this album "Dancing on Broken Glass".

  4. Love this song for its mellow but strong sound. I agree! I think it sounds like the 80’s because of it’s simplicity…not to be confused with the “simple” (read: astoundingly moronic) lyrics & composition of something like, say, Rhianna (who toots her own horn at how amazingly complex her songs are 🤢🙄🤢🙄).

  5. Marko's voice is most definitely diverse,, and butter… perfect analogy..

  6. Thank you great beautiful song from POTF! Very underated band, well, you know how good they are but in worldwide nobody knows them which is pity! Cradled In Love, you must try that one and i think the official video would be a good choice 🙂

  7. Oh, man, I love this song. Hadn’t seen the video yet so thanks for that! Stylistically there are elements in this that have always reminded me of the song Lady in Red, so definitely yes to having an eighties romantic-ballad pedigree. Really glad you’re on board with these guys!

  8. Thanks John for continuing journey with Poets! I knew that Mad will love this one🙂… Such a beautiful song… And there's some 80's elements of this song, I agree. And I love the video because you can see the night streets of Helsinki, my beautiful hometown….

  9. You're right it Has an 80s Feel to it. The Poets Always Come up with Great Tracks. You Definitely need to React to Temple of Thought the Unplugged Studio Version, You'll Absolutely Love That.

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