Poet's Song

one of our wishes was to actually get some of this poetry on tape and have it done by a professional for Pierre spray his his purpose of recording us was to try to give an equal balance of the poetry and music combination it was a challenge of a different type of nature working with human voice in a spoken medium and working with the electronic instruments as well as the natural acoustic instruments for race MIT I think it was another challenge and that was combining the action of the music and poetry trying to capture that on film the trying to capture what had moved him to come to the point of deciding to go ahead and make a film about poets on tears from the warring flame I am black I am Jewish Italian Latino I am French I am Greek Indian Russian I come from the Far East I am water I am fire I am grace from her land I am near don't travel by car any plane trains don't run that far they flow through my veins like ink like the ultimate like the painter I grind these fine powders fix that measure no then has the sculptor takes from this land and so Divine's my shape my form my expression i am the years without time as war in pain stain a loving heart i am the river all that chasms and there we part i am the past in present tense see the future in memory as the river feeds the willows branch that clings there ever free as the feathers rest on limbs when pressed by her wind shall reveal to these invoice up song or incantation as the moon bears full her Souls the Sun shall drape enfold about my frame under waters in still reflection call my name and children born through mine alone in every time and we'll find again in certain space this fiber I have sold and when I close my eyes at dawn and fold my arms within a greater light of wind and song shall begin again in silence second they shall name he there in a ghastly chamber all these voices increase and or eyes and yet before once more I draw in upon mine eyes our task of life I shall remember there's not so necessary what I have come to know but rather that in wisdom love me bro I asked Joseph what it is in music that he searches for that he that he cherishes that he treasures what is the aspect what is the sound in our natural environment what is it Joseph words a man for gifted in music he loves words when we're working together I let the words I let the words flow through me and I enjoy becoming involved with it i put i put some of myself aside i let that become lost and i take on the words the poetry and I let that live inside of me for moments at a time so that i can truly become involved in what she's doing and in what she's trying to say with her poetry the story that comes through her has to come through the music as well the city has many corners the city has many tales the city has many faces some that lives to tell the city has many spaces the city has many destinations from fair as well the city has many secrets as many as there are cities scrapers as many that fell the city has as many moments as the heroes destiny the city has as many heroes and their stories yet to tell you I quest for the original thought that may take me too many mountain tops as I lay on the floor with my eyes closed the walls may drop away I may feel the wind sweeping around me I may be embraced by that and the warmth of the Sun and I I'm in my room within four walls the images that I see in her poetry are are just so vivid that no matter no matter what the subject is it's very easy for me to to come up with themes and motives and melodies to go along with her poetry some of the things that that I feel at the moment on the instrument one might be screaming or something inside a crying and I try to let that out in the instrument sometimes even by singing into the instrument or playing multi phonics or some contemporary techniques that that's that fit the mood what can I do to change time not a weekly planner not a calendar guide not a pocket organizer not a catalog of crime I am a would be too organized planner and I merge with all the zodiacal signs and like an urban pioneer take liberty in ideas not all things move in time recall repeat it is such a crime men sometime dwindles on likely to our feet we trudged on and carry with us what may be wrong we pass it on generation to the next like the runners baton we pass it on smoky rusty nail color good grief is what it like coming out over the city that is what we hear in this music first we hear this breath equality the storm is coming at the class we're going to be walking in in the dark water we're going to thread it is no praise will you'll recognize when I hear a poetry I'm able to get in between the words that that she's reciting the things as she's talking about she sets a definite mood she may be talking about heroes of maybe perhaps lost veterans missing in action she might be talking about a child that is is being beaten she lie beneath the willow tree the branches blow her tears fall free beaten before she could walk near Cripple before she could talk nightmares before she could roll over and handsome Gabby for her first month up please she begged the willow tree before she could run please don't make me go back to our body beaten and coming undone the nurses called her back to life and she kept her secret of the willow tree the life-support system sounds their alarms and nurses run in and run out the child has had a rough night could not stay in the body to fight she slept beneath the willow tree she cried let me stay the willow tree wept to send her away and face another beating and in her life hell she called to the willow tree help me please it hurts too much to go back let me stay stay with me the willow tree said go back you must know what of violence and beyond just that our child would not be free the willow trees that cry a cry again you must for what you bring back with you is this faith and trust that the willow tree will always be a place for you to come when out of body near out of your mind and groan you will live to see the willow tree again in time perhaps without the pain of a hemorrhage near your mind and perhaps the nightmares will go away and you may learn to sleep without the fear of being awakened by the violence of being shaken from your parents but I think I think you'll find that when Jerry's reading her poetry she takes on and becomes part of what she is talking about she possesses the images that she is talking about and as I let the poetry flow through me I'm able to take on some of that as well check on I happy Megan women begging for money and a gun my husband there in the movement I've been there with all happy and we know why they fought slumber that many colors me I have been your and in many plays of which I see I do remember and as you may see others know they make half that game you if you live in the area tonight and even live in and what they made the tears that a crime nah touching the audience's is our most important goal and getting a work across getting the piece that she's working on a cross through the combination of music and poetry if we were to take this to a more commercial level a larger scale we would have to keep the same basic goals in mind the truths that we feel within us we have a great honesty between us we share the similar truth and with that combination we're able to to come across in a very sincere manner and no matter if we're performing in a in a small club or a large stage that sincerity must continue through the heroes some have died some have been shot some have just blown away the heroes no one knew them anyway have Scott welcome them warmly as the midnight hours were plenty truth honor and whiskey a one-legged soldier might party that day spirit lover he is there for me his brothers still missing period lava he is there for me there is no difference between myself and my work the poetry is the expression of my life in an effort to bring people to some of the understanding some of the insights some of the divine nature and that has touched my life as a result of my personal experiences and I believe that it is within each individual that all of the miracles all of the wisdom may be revealed through the inner senses angel eyes he says to me let me see your angel eyes tell me what do you see when angel eyes starts crossing into your dreams baby what you've been missing with me run through the city common to see you baby uh-huh run and British city boy and I'll peed on a metro or tunnel underground going to see you baby coming on down and got a little white honey on the moon is filling up running through this city angel eyes girl is coming up that is free what she had been seeing and she is selling it to me here in the traffic use cab in the fall we have in the snow cab when a hurricane friends to blow have in a hurry cab before the show care for pot pie banana is hard cab for a joyride baby when you are not cab coming head cab keeping jazz cab anytime gotta move on the road riding the DC line josephs music is alive and flows with the physical properties of my poetry when I first heard Joseph today I knew that he was playing music and in his music he developing an avenue for healing and that he is brilliant and that he is visionary and that he is ethereal gives me immediate comfort communication understanding joy love peace and openness and I knew that when he heard the poetry he would become a part of it and that he should and that's exactly why we met I am the mistress of this land of the caretaker with nothing but the finest of hand be offered and then taken I am mistress of this land but Ananda share maker many have worshiped the land and from her taken order riches and gold may demand her copper her silver and in diamond dice veins and she is gasping breath we may be cold we need water to survive a worship has gone from the land the harvest moon is a song and a dance winter solstices building fire and when the spring bloom comes we see the seeds we need and every day the Sun upon the land we turn our games to her face that she should seek again to lay her warm embrace to her graceful land when I sit and write in this studio I'm a safe south and let the Sun rest upon my face and in doing so be warned and inspired turning my sauce North off and I I search for images and when they appear to me many times I will come to see them in my future and this will be like a memory and I found that as I compose I may also see this come to pass that is when I learned the power of words and that the typewriter goes clickety clickety click that clock that's music as percussion that's tab that's the keyboard and when I actually am in composition I am able to hear an entire orchestration involved around the world although I do not know the language Oh blood of the land and our brothers oh that i give thee and oh my I lied oh that I give thee in fresh harvest and flames old blood that gives me fire and water Oh flood that I bail the pain for others oh god that I walk where my brother's fail in vain hold blood I go there so others may gain old blood then my children may give both safe oh god he asked of me that I come back again hold god I walked with my brother one of my own I leave this here today as a spiritualist as a poet as a widow as a mother as a human spirit that for each child that may not speak for itself in a period when only tears brought about by pain misfortune cry out I would speak if there is one who may not speak for themselves Arabic that is the why of my taking the words that I have placed upon paper and developing the art of poetry and performance with music so that we may share the work with many and in doing so having planted seeds of positive growth hopefully enabling a single human spirit to develop to their fullest potential that is what I do you know of time old blood you know this premonition call it mankind old blood that we have tried your water all the blood we have given our earth brother your lasting brave old blood oh glad we have asked o eternal feelings in the records of our past a gentle stroke upon translation old blood eternal feelings when the future has been strong in cold blood up almond eyes by which to the old blood as multitude the song we bring old blood homes we bring love we give the harm I from my crazy maybe

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